June 9, 2020

7. Actively Choosing to Love

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Episode 7


13 You, my brothers, and sisters were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love.

Galatians 5:13


 Happy Tuesday! I hope you had a blessed day yesterday. 


I was spending time reading Galatians today, and I wanted to highlight this verse. I wanted to highlight what freedom looks like. What is the freedom we have received from God, and how can we keep ourselves from indulging our flesh.


It is so easy for us to argue with one another. It’s easy for us to get lost in the world we live in. We can so easily want to conform to what is happening around us. Social media consumes us; the need for perfection haunts us. We start recording memories for double-taps and often aren’t present in the moment. I have seen more people take advantage of what’s going on in the world for a PR move rather than to fully support justice. We need to pray for people and businesses like this. If not, you’ll find yourself lashing out in the comment section of a post. 


You see, the verse that follows this talks about loving each other. It also warns us if we do love, do so, and continue to bite and devour one another, and we will find ourselves consumed by one another. 


I always encourage social media. I think it’s a platform that can make so many units. It allows us to stay informed while continuing to grow in understanding different topics. Within the last week, we’ve all learned so much about the systematic failures that have hurt so many for such a long time. 


We need to remember that we are fighting evil. Our fight is not against flesh and bones but against spiritual wickedness in high places. Do not fall into the wrong mindset. The right mindset can change the world. Continue to keep your head up, and continue to fight the good fight, in LOVE. 


We need to love one another. Listen to one another. Serve one another. 


 Take the day to connect with someone new. Ask them about their story and see what you can do to make an impact in their life. If every single person took care of their neighbor, the world would be taken care of. So what can you do today? 



Lord, we thank you for continuing to stretch us and push us in new directions. I pray we never lose sight of the good fight. I pray we remember we need to love each other. We pray for the strength to continue to push when things get uncomfortable. We pray we are not tempted to lash out at others when they have different opinions; instead, we pray to have an open heart to hear our brothers and sisters. I pray we cry with our brothers and sisters. I pray we laugh with our brothers and sisters. I pray we keep the gospel first. I pray Jesus is seen in us all. In your Holy name, we pray, Amen!

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