June 16, 2020

12. Never Thirsty

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Episode 12


When the poor and needy seek water,

and there is none,

and their tongues fail for thirst,

I, the Lord, will hear them,

I, the God of Israel, will not forsake them.

18 I will open rivers in high places,

and fountains in the midst of the valleys;

I will make the wilderness a pool of water,

and the dry land springs of water.

Isiah 41:17-18


Water. The very essence of life. It is the very lifeline of every living creature on this earth. Nothing can live without it. Have you google the benefits of water? Do it and read the list that comes out. Here are a few of my favorites: It cushions the brain, spinal cord, and other sensitive tissues. It regulates body temperature…

It flushes body waste.

It helps maintain blood pressure

The airways need it


Now imagine if you had no way to access water. I would assume we would grow weak quickly. We wouldn’t have the energy, and our way of life would depreciate before our very eyes. 


This is what happens to our life when we don’t rely on Jesus daily. He is asking us to commune with him. We can’t do this life on our own, and he promises to be there at all times. The next time you are walking in a valley, lean on him. 


This verse is saying the Lord declares he will not forsake us. It literally says He will create fountains in the middle of a valley. So the next time you look around thirsty for control over your life, thirsty for the need to know the outcome, thirsty for love and affection, thirsty for power, thirsty to insert your needs… turn to Jesus. You see, Jesus promises us to be the kind of water that will never run dry, and we need Him every single day. 



Lord, you are so good to us. Thank you for a beautiful morning. May we all spend time in your presence Lord. Help us find the time to connect with you, God. We want to know you better. We pray we never run thirsty. We want to run to you in both the good times and the bad times. We thank you for always providing a way when we see no way. Thank you for giving us water when we are thirsty. Thank you for being the kind of father that never lets us grow weak or faint. You give us the very breath in our lungs and the strength to see each day. We thank you, in your mighty name, we pray! Amen! 

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