June 18, 2020

14. Crowned in Confidence

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Episode 14


Do you know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you?

1 Corinthians 3:16


I am so excited about this devotional. I hope I can put this revelation into words. 


I wanted to touch on confidence! You know, the kind of confidence that cannot knock you on your feet. Not the kind of confidence that’s overlooked and somewhat vague. “Oh, you look so beautiful today” — these compliments are great, but this isn’t what fuels me when life gets hard. 


I don’t see a mountain and think to myself, well, at least my mom always told me how beautiful I am. 


No, friend. I am talking about the kind of confidence that is only given to us by God himself. We are God’s temple. The word temple itself gives me chills. Think about that true meaning. According to the dictionary, the definition of the temple is a building devoted to worship or regarded as the dwelling place of a god or gods or other objects of religious reverence.


God dwells inside us. 


I hope you understand this. We always talk about it so lightly. “God is closer than your very breath,” “He ever leaves you,” “He is always fighting for you” — but have you truly thought about what that looks like? 


This verse is affirming that he lives inside us. The definition of dwell is to live in a specified place. He lives inside us. He is with me right now as I write these words. He is with you as you read them.


Now we know from scripture that we were made in His image. (Genesis 1:27) This verse is affirming that he lives inside us. As his children, as his temples, we’ve been given authority. 


Now, this is where the confidence comes in. 


He hasn’t just given you any kind of authority. I mean, the Drum Major of a marching band has authority over the moving bodies on a football field, but that’s about it. No, you see, God gave you His authority. 


The kind of authority that can look at absolutely any situation and declare healing. We can declare miracles in His name. We can declare blessings over our lives and the people around us. 


Jesus has given us authority. Use it. Wear that confidence. He is right there with you. 



Jesus, we are who you say we are. We are children of the highest. We are seated in heavenly places. You have given us authority to make mountains move. So I pray every single day we hold our heads up high with the confidence that you have crowned us with: you alone, God. We will look at any situation that seems like it’s over, we will look at what seems to be a game over kind of situation, and we will declare that mountain to move. Lord, you said all we need is a mustard seed of faith, and Lord, we stand before you with the confidence that you alone are dwelling within us. You are fighting alongside us. We thank you, we praise you! In your mighty name, Amen! 

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