June 23, 2020

17. Power in Prayer

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Episode 17


ÔÇťAgain, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.

Matthew 18:19


Good morning and Happy Tuesday! 


This past month has been such a blessing. These emails blessed my life, and now they are available via Podcast, and it’s surpassed my wildest imagination. So thank you for sending this along to your friends and family. Thank you for posting and tagging me on Instagram! It truly means a lot. 


Today’s devotional was inspired by the thought of prayer and the power we have when we pray. 


This verse is saying whatever two people agree upon; it will be done by father God himself. 


I have gotten several prayer requests, and I have some personal prayer requests also. So for today’s devotional, I wanted us all to carve out 5 minutes this morning to pray over the following requests together. There is power when we do this together. 


We are praying for: 

Our Nation

Our Pastors

The Church

Then we are going to pray for People:

People who are suffering from:



Other viruses and sickness in the body 



Financial Burdens

People who are protecting: 

People who are voicing our freedom of speech and fighting injustice 

Our doctors and nurses, and hospital staff healing others

Our police force and first responders

Our government and armed forces 

Then finally, I would like to pray for:

Peace in your home and mine

Love to be spread like wildfire

God-Confidence to overcome us all

& finally, we will pray to carry Joy with us everywhere we go. 

When we finish praying, I encourage you to take over and start praying for your personal needs, as well as the personal needs of those around you. 



Jesus, we come to you like two people united in prayer. We ask that you heal our lands; you heal our great nation. We pray for the Church, Lord. The capital C church, meaning your body that lives worldwide. We pray for all of the Pastors you have anointed, from Miami to Australia, they have all been called to preach your word, and I pray their voices are amplified, and people everywhere find a home in your name. I would like to pray for those who are sick in their bodies, lord. We pray they are healed. In your mighty name, we declare healing to take place. May they have the confidence that you are working and fighting on their behalf. We continue to pray for the COVID-19 cases as those numbers continue to climb. If anyone reading this or under the sound of my voice is sick, I declare healing to take place right now. 

We bring you the needs of our friends, family, and strangers alike who suffer from anxiety, depression, and addiction. Lord, break those bonds. Break those chains. Let them live in the freedom you offer. 

If anyone is currently suffering from a financial burden, I pray they lean on you. You are our sole provider Lord. 

We would like to pray over the people who continue to protect us every day. Some people are protecting our freedom of speech and are fighting for Justice. I pray these people are protected while doing so.  Others are continuing to put their lives first at the hospitals. Trying to save people who are sick. We pray for our Doctors, Nurses, and Hospital staff. We also pray for our first responders. May they be safe when they work. May they lean on you for strength, courage, and help when their job gets tough. 

Finally, we pray for peace. Peace in my home and in-home. May you grant us all love, grace, and strength. May we walk into any room with your confidence. We pray Joy com over our life. 

We pray this all in your mighty name, Amen! 

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