June 30, 2020

22. Never Forget Where You Came From

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Episode 22


I remember the days of old.

I ponder all your great works

and think about what you have done.

Psalm 143:5


I can’t thank you enough for keeping me in your prayers during this tough time. 


As I gathered all of the images and I put together all of my grandmother’s things, I was quickly sent to my childhood. Reminiscing on old photos. 


Man, I had some great memories. My childhood was so much fun, and I am so happy we have those images printed so that we can sort through them. Reliving these memories with my family around has been a very special time. 


But even in all the best fairytales, there is always a plot that thickens. There are trials and tribulations the main character walks through. I know I had my fair share of fire. But Just as the main character wants to give up, a knight in shining armor comes to save the day. And sure enough, I remember this day as if it was yesterday. Sitting there tired of how my life spiraled out of my control and I told myself I could no longer live like this. That’s when I found myself at a church on my knees in the presence of God.  


That is my story, and I bet you that your story is similar. 


Like this verse says, it is so important to remember the days of old. When you look back on your life, you can clearly see God’s fingerprints. How he orchestrated absolutely every season you walked through. That is a love like no other.


Today, let’s honor the growth we’ve had. You might not be where you wanted, but you are so much closer, and by the grace of God, you will get there soon. 



Jesus, thank you for being the savior in our story. Our stories are all different, and yet you are the main character in all of them. We may think we are in charge, but I pray you remind us who we really are. We reminisce on the past, and we are thankful for all that we have overcome in your Holy name. I pray my words to amplify in you, Jesus. Make a way to touch the hearts of many. May we all be better because of it. May we all learn to lean on you more often. We love you, and in your Holy Name, we pray, Amen!

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