July 14, 2020

32. Heaven Here on Earth

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Episode 32


your kingdom come,

your will be done,

on earth as it is in heaven.

Matthew 6:10


Tuesday morning! 


Today I wanted to share with you a portion of my favorite prayer. Maybe it’s my favorite prayer because I would recite it over and over and over again as a child, without truly understanding what I was saying. 


The Lord’s Prayer, it’s beautiful. You can find it in Matthew chapter 6. A few years ago, I broke it down verse by verse and this one right here always stood out to me. 


If you’re not familiar with the prayer, I encourage you to read over it today. 


This line of the prayer says, your kingdom comes, you will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. When we say this, we are declaring that God has dominion over this earth. If you study theology, you’ll know Earth is like a playground for the enemy. He terrorizes us with fear and try’s to divide us every chance he can. But he has no right to do so in heaven. 


But in this line, we are shifting back the power to God. We are saying, Jesus, let you will be done. Not my will, not the will of the people around me. Stop getting heated in conversations with your friends that cause division and separation. Instead, let’s start asking the Holy Spirit to reveal to us what the will of God is. 


This devotional was titled Heaven Here on Earth because I truly believe we have the power to change our surroundings to what heaven looks like. No one knows for sure, but I can guarantee is a diverse community of people standing in unity with an abundance of love. Let’s try replicating that here. 



Lord, you created the heavens, and you created the earth. Jesus, we need you now, more than ever as a globe. We are asking that you heal our land; we are asking that you will be done. God today. I pray the Holy Spirit guides us. May he nudges us to do that thing, may we talk to that person, and start living in the calling you have for us. Every one of us has a purpose. You’ve called us to do something different. Each of us has the power to start a chain reaction, and together we can see this globe become more unified. We ask you for the strength and guidance. Like the prayer says, bring your kingdom down to earth, and let you will be done. We love you. In your mighty name, we pray! Amen!

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