July 27, 2020

41. We All Have Different Needs

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Episode 41


Lord my God, I called you for help, and you healed me.

Psalm 30:2


There are certain valleys in this life that I have never walked that you may be walking in today. 


I have never personally felt the pain of addiction, I have never felt the pain of losing a child, I have never felt the pain of being unable to conceive. 


There are valleys I have walked that you have never been through yourself either. 


We all have different pains and different needs for help. But our God is infinite. He is so large and yet also so personal. He can meet you exactly where you are and heal you. All we have to do is ask him, call upon him for help. 


Every so many weeks, I am overcome with sadness as I look to my future, uncertain of where I am headed. I continue to work diligently, but sometimes I see others at a place I wish I was. I can feel overwhelmed, and in an instant, comparison creeps his way in, and suddenly, I become inadequate of achieving my dreams. It’s funny because I’ve mentioned it a million times on these devotionals, yet somedays the principle of “things take time” and “the day you plant the seed is not the day you eat fruit” is harder to practice than it is to understand. 


So together with two of the closest people around me, we prayed. We prayed Jesus would help me in this time. We for healing in my life, and we prayed that I would learn to love the sticky in-between. I had a beautiful Sunday because I surrendered my thoughts. 


My prayer today is that you do the same thing. Do some self-reflection or some journaling time. Where do you need help? Ask God, and he will so graciously heal you. 



Jesus, we ask for help, and you provide is there nothing in this world you wouldn’t do for us? We are blessed, yet at times we cannot see it. I pray you to help us live the blinders when that happens. I pray we see your hands at work in our lives, and we are grateful and better because of it. Lord, today, we present to you our every need. Lord, we need help. We need help navigating this season. We need help navigating our thoughts and our pains. Only you can provide healing on such a personal level. So we pray for you, Lord. Heal us of our every need. In your name, we pray, Amen!

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