August 6, 2020

49. Divine Delight

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Episode 49


Take delight in the Lord,

and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Psalm 37:4


I know I know another Psalm. 


There are 150 chapters plus all of their verses, so we can read 3 a week and still have many more to read.


Remember, the My Morning Devotional journey started because I knew I needed to get in the word more often; now, we can do it together. 


I’ve found myself in love with the book of Psalms. I love them all. I love the way David wrote these poems. I love the wisdom. I love their message. 


This one, in particular, is pretty popular. It’s a great verse to have in your back pocket. Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart. 


I have read this verse a thousand times, but today it was a little different. I got a revelation when I was trying to dissect it. 


Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. 


Simple right?


Then why do we all claim to love Jesus (me included) yet yearn for more? If we claim to love Jesus, we must be taking delight in him; therefore, why do our hearts still desire things we may not have? 


It just got me thinking. Do we desire the Lord so that we can take delight in the things we want most? Great health, new home, fun seasons in life like getting married or having children? 


The verse says Take delight in the Lord, and then he will give you want you to desire. Don’t keep living your life getting these two words mixed up. Find time to spend time with Him every single day. In every ray of light and drop of rain, take delight in knowing that is God’s beautiful art. Learn to love Him. Treasure the planet, treasure your time together, look for him in your life. When you are so engulfed, and in love with God, that’s when all of those other things are going to be given to you.



Lord, we pray that we don’t get this principle mixed up in our life. We pray we take delight in you and that we don’t desire you to give us this thing we want to take delight in. We don’t want to rush any season of our life. We want to do this with you right by our side. Show us your fingerprints. Let us lean closer into your grace. You are the God of relationships, and today, we want a relationship with you. I pray every day that our time spend together makes us form a deeper appreciation of the people you made us be. It is in your Holy name that we pray,

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