August 20, 2020

59. Thankful for Good Things

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Episode 59


those who seek the Lord lack no good thing

Psalm 34:10


Have you ever inhaled a double cheeseburger and a medium french fry followed by some chicken nuggets from your favorite fast-food restaurant, and then 2 hours later, you are starving.  


The same thing happens to me when I eat a bag of chips. Somehow my body can fit 50 chips, yet I am still hungry once I hit the bottom of the bag. 


Why? Well, because although I am eating, I lack nutrition. 


The same thing happens to our spirit when we go looking for validation on social media. We are filled with love but still running on empty. 


No substance in this world, no platform or program can leave you whole and complete. 


You must seek the Lord, and then and only then will you lack no good thing. 


I love that they specify “no good thing” because that indicates there could be other things that you lack when you decide to seek him. 


For example, when you seek the Lord, you may start to lack the desire to stay out late in a bar with the need to numb yourself with a drink after a drink, or you may even lack the need for validation from strangers and family alike.


But it was made clear, these aren’t good things, and the absence of the above is the very blessing God promises us when we seek him. We become dependent on Him rather than substances. We look to him for validation and love rather than to social media. We look to him for desire rather than trying to find that with person after person after person. 


Seek Him. He will bless your life. You will never be the same.  



Jesus, we devote ourselves to seeking you in every day, every circumstance, every emotion. We look to you to nourish our souls and our spirit. You will quench the need for validation from the society. In you, we lack no good thing. We pray for ourselves and anyone who suffers from substance abuse, sexual addiction, and even an addiction to social media. Whatever they are looking for in these outlets, they will stay hungry because we know the only person who can fill them is you. So we ask you to heal us; we ask you to change our lives forever. It is in your holy name that we pray, Amen!

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