August 24, 2020

61. You Need A Plan

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Episode 61


17 In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.

James 2:17


Good Morning and Happy Monday!


I pray you had a wonderful weekend and are feeling relaxed and recharged for the new week ahead of you. 


When reading this morning, I came across this verse. It jumped out at me. “faith by itself – is dead.”


He is telling us that we can’t just hope for good things to happen. We can’t just pray to become wealthy and then not learn how to manage your money. You can’t pray for a decent man to walk into your life and then continue to entertain people who don’t deserve your attention. 


We must make room for us to act upon our faith. That means removing old ways in order to welcome the blessings you’ve always wanted.


Do you have faith that your best days of personal strength and physique are ahead of you? Then you need to remove the bad eating habits, start going to bed earlier, and create a consistent working out habit. We have to stop sitting and praying and then wait for your new habits to fall out of the sky. 


Creating habits are among the harder things to accomplish, but it is possible. Every day we make new habits. It’s just a matter if they are healthy habits that work alongside your faith or are they preventing you from watering the seeds you are planting. 


Today, I pray you to find about 15 minutes to sit down and write down everything that you are praying for. I know this season brings new obstacles as most of our interaction and growth among people have become digital, but now, more than ever, our faith needs action. So write down those goals and come up with habits that will allow you to foster an environment to see your faith come to life. 



Jesus, thank you for pushing us to keep our faith alive. Thank you for allowing us the room to make changes in our lives so that our faith can multiply. We are forever thankful for your love. We want to achieve big things. We want to be great teachers, caretakers, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs. We all have faith in healthy bodies, healthy families, and healthy habits. We all want to see obstacles and have the faith to see them through. We pray for strength as we eradicate our old habits to make room for faith-feeding habits. We ask for your hand in everything we do. We love you! In your mighty name, we pray, Amen!

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