September 11, 2020

75. He is The God of Revival

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Episode 75


You were bought with a price; do not become slaves of men.

1 Corinthians 7:23


Episode 75 of the My Morning Devotional podcast. 




First and foremost, thank you for praying with me every single morning. Today I was worshipping, alone with God, looking for the words to write on today’s devotional, and the word that came to mind over and over and over again was revival. 


Maybe as a sign for me, or maybe as a sign for you as you read my words and listen to the sound of my voice. 


75 episodes, it’s been hard; I won’t sugar coat it. Producing a podcast each morning is tough, but it’s done something greater. It’s kept me accountable to actually read scripture and connect with God every single morning. 


This has not been an easy year. 75 episodes also mean 75+ days of all of us working from home. The world has changed, and we hope it will return to normal again, but then again, what is normal? All we know is the God is going to use everything around us for our good. 


When he died on the cross 2,000 years ago, He knew you were worth His sacrifice. He saw all of us; He saw our stories from start to finish. He saw the 2020 pandemic. It’s nothing new to him. He was there for the black plague, and he was there for the Spanish Flu, and he is here now for COVID-19. 


This year has left us all a little shaken. We didn’t leave our homes for weeks, some of us months. We’ve lost people close to us. We’re living with new rules and regulations. Our kids are going to school online. It’s a tough year.


But God is so good. He is so good. He is using everything I know it. So as this verse says, don’t be a slave to man. Don’t give in to the news, don’t let people’s opinions steal your mood, don’t give in to the trap of comparison on social media. Yes, stay informed. Yes, stay protected. But remember, the only person we need to turn to when we are frustrated, sad, depressed, anxious, happy, excited, grateful, annoyed, etc., is Him. 



Jesus, thank you for 75 episodes. Thank you for the 75 times you gave me the words when I didn’t have them. Thank you for the lives of the people under the sound of my voice. Today I wanted to take a moment and pray over this podcast. May this dream of yours continue to flourish. May it meet the ones who need it most. I am at your mercy, father, and I thank you. I also wanted to take a moment and pray over the people who tune in every day and those just tuning in for the first time. These people are hungry, lord. They are hungry for your goodness. They want to get to know you more every single day. We all need you, and we are all so thankful you bought us at a price. We will not become slaves to man; instead, we will serve others as you did. We love you, we honor you, in your mighty name we pray, Amen!

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