September 17, 2020

79. You Will Eat The Fruit

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Episode 79


You will eat the fruit of your labor; blessings and prosperity will be yours.

Psalm 128:2


This verse is an affirmation. It affirms all of your hard work. 


This year has been a wild year, but I have seen all my friends work so hard. My best friend went back to school to pursue her dream career; some of my friends have started side businesses, others of you have started to teach your kids while working. A lot of us have taken the time to be diligent in our prayers. 


The thing about labor is that it is just like planting seeds in a garden. Working is the equivalent of pruning leaves, removing pesticides, caring for the soil. 


As we work towards something, it’s always easy to hit the breaking point and think to yourself that you can’t move on. Almost every task, job, the project will bring you to a point where you’ve hit a wall, and you don’t want to continue further. 


I am here to remind you to keep going. Keep teaching those kids, keep fighting for your clients, keep working on your prayers, keep working on your business, keep striving in school… because right on the other side of labor is fruit. 


You will reap the harvest you’ve been working towards. Blessings and prosperity will be yours. You will eat the fruit. You will see that business come to fruition; you will see how your children are retaining a lot more than you could have ever imagined. You’ll see that your clients will honor working with you because you fought for them. A financial breakthrough is coming. Healthy doctor reports are coming. Career advancements are coming. Deeper relationships with God are forming. 


Keep Laboring. Blessing is on the other side. 



Jesus, thank you for the strength to keep going even when we don’t want to. Thank you for the labors we have in our life because we know blessing sits on the other side of labor. We promise to keep working, keep teaching, keep fighting, keep striving. We thank you for the lessons we are learning and the blessings and prosperity you have waiting for us. Today as we go about our days, help us move past hurdles that want to stop us from moving in the direction you are calling us to move in. It is in your Holy name that we pray, Amen!

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