October 1, 2020

89. May Your Will Be Done

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Episode 89


For you have need of endurance, so that when you have done the will of God, you may receive what is promised.

Hebrews 10:36


Good morning and happy Thursday and Happy October! If you have a birthday this month, Happy Birthday! 


It’s still 90 degrees in Miami, but the wind is starting to pick up, and it feels nicer outside than it does in the middle of the summer. I hope your weeks have been filled with joy and blessings. I know mine has. 


Every day I pray that my life is lived according to His will, not mine. But how do I know I am doing so? Well, I take it to the word of God to see what He wants us to do. 


He wants us to serve others. (Mark 9:35)

He wants us to extend grace towards others. (Titus 2:11)

He wants us to walk in harmony and in peace with those around us. (Psalm 29:11)

He wants us to love so fiercely that others see Him in us. (Romans 13:8)

He wants us to spread the love of the Gospel. (Isiah 55:11)


So as you go about your day today, pray that the people you are surrounded with, the job you are serving, the words you are speaking, the posts you are sharing, the actions you are taking align with the will of God and not for personal gain. 


A few years ago, my Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. preached a series called God Dream. He said that God’s Dreams were never about you. This life isn’t about you; it’s about the impact you leave on other people.


Isn’t it crazy how interconnected we can all be? Your daily actions can impact someone to do something that may change another person’s life forever. It’s a ripple effect, and it starts with today. 



Jesus, we ask that every day we align our steps with your will. We ask that we surrender our every motive in life over to you. We want to be your hands and feet. We want to be the light this world so desperately needs. Show us how to do that. Nudge us to call that person, remind us to do that thing, make us strict in our ways so that we can live this life to its absolute fullest. We want to live for you, father. We pray for the rest of our day; we pray for the blessings that surround us. We pray that you guide us every step. We pray for the people we love. It is in your Holy name that we pray, Amen!

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