October 5, 2020

91. Ask for Help

I'm Alison!

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Episode 91


Listen well to wise counsel and be willing to learn from correction so that by the end of your life, you’ll be known for your wisdom.

Proverbs 19:20


Good morning and Happy Monday!


I pray this week is a beautiful week. If you’ve been waiting to hear back from someone or something, I pray this is the week you do. I pray that this week is a new week of blessings at every given moment. 


Last week I started to reorganize my room. I needed to make space for a desk. I needed a desk. You see, for the last 90 episodes, I have been filming in my closet. It hasn’t been comfortable, to say the least, and I figured that I would rearrange my room to fit a desk and the furniture that already existed. I have a dresser and a small bookshelf. The only problem is that my room is rather small. 


So I started cleaning and moving, and measuring. 


Over the course of the last 5 days, I have moved the head of my bed 4 times. I had my boyfriend build the desk and got it ready for the corner. I anticipated it would look best. And it just didn’t look good there. There was no flow. 


So I brought in all of my roommates for their opinions, and together, we rearranged everything again and again and again. 


My room transformed into a wonderful space that has room for all of my furniture and more. So here I am, writing this podcast in my very own mini studio.


This was a long story to remind you to ask for help. When you need help on a project, ask for counsel. We were not made to do this life alone. 


It was also a long story to show you that, even if you don’t think there is a way, there is always a way. Before this desk, my previous layout made way for very little walking space, and now someway somehow, I have even more walking space, and we were able to fit the desk comfortably. 


That goes to show you the power of teamwork. It shows you that when you involve others in your plans, they help elevate you. I once heard my pastor say, a plan without community is just a vision. 


You need people in your life, and what better way to surround yourself with fresh opinions from others than on a weekday. 



Jesus, we thank you for the relationships in our life. We pray that we learn to lean on others, Lord. We do not want to walk this life alone. We do not have all of the answers. We know there is power in the community. The enemy likes to isolate us, but you allow us to thrive when we work together. So I pray as schools open up and people return to their normal workspace environment that we begin to work well with the people around us. Lord, we want to be known for our wisdom; we want to be known as people who listened to others and asked for help instead of knowing it all. We ask for your guidance. It is in your Holy name that we pray, Amen!

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