October 26, 2020

106. Shine a Light on Me

I'm Alison!

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Episode 106


A light shines in the dark for those who are good, for those who are merciful, kind, and fair.

Psalm 112:4


Happy Monday, Beautiful!


I came back from Disney last night, and I can say it was definitely a magical time. For anyone wondering what travel to the happiest place on earth looks like these days, it’s a trip full of magic, food, and full of caution. They, without a doubt, thought of everything, and I felt extremely safe the entire time. If you’ve been wanting to go back, I definitely recommend the trip!


Now, as I was reading my Bible, looking for a verse, I started is the book of Psalm, and I read a few verses out of chapter 112, but verse 4 really stuck out to me.


This verse serves as a reminder that he promises to shine a light for us. It’s a beautiful verse that doesn’t sugarcoat life. It doesn’t say “he will spare the darkness for those who are merciful, kind, and fair,” it says he will shine a light in the dark.


A life with Jesus doesn’t mean we get a free pass on earth. We aren’t exempt from pain. We aren’t exempt from quote on quote going through it. 


Being kind and fair may not get us a free pass to live life pain-free, but it gives us something greater. 


It gives us a light in the darkness and hopes to hold onto. It gives us a different perspective of pain. It humbles us. It makes us remember that we can’t do this life on our own. 


You might be in the dark. You might be going through a tough season. You might have just gotten through one. 2020 was a tough year for a lot of us. But don’t lose your will to be a good person. Society will tell us that it’s easier to live a self-serving life. Society tells you to worry about yourself. Society tells you to drown your problems in other substances. It’s all one big fat lie. 


Jesus didn’t promise us being good was easy. But being good and being kind is the medicine you need. So don’t lose your will to be good. Commit to being good. Care for others. Extend grace, extend kindness even when your world is falling apart. Because the next time you are in a dark place, if you look to Jesus, you’ll find a light shining on you.



Jesus, thank you for yet another Monday and another beautiful week. Thank you for a great weekend and the new opportunities you’ve presented us. Lord, take our prayers and multiply them. Father, we lean on you while we walk in darkness. We know we are not exempt from darkness, but we know because we are good people. We can look to you for light and guidance. We promise to be kind today and every day. Bless our day, bless our family, bless our relationships. We humbly pray in your Holy name, Amen!

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