November 10, 2020

117. Out of Reach

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Episode 117


as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us

Psalm 103:12


I hope if there is one thing you can walk away with today, it’s the understanding that you do not have to hold onto your past. I know; we all do it. Sometimes I can admit that I feel inadequate to be hosting this podcast, this God dream. I feel as though because I am not perfect, I am not qualified. I can sometimes hold onto past sins and feel as if God made a mistake.


But I am here to ask you the same question God asked me, why are you still holding onto your mistakes and sins from the past? It’s preventing you from the gift of today.


We are all living a special kind of lifestyle; you know, the kind of lifestyle after Jesus’ heart. It’s a life where nothing can be held over your head. Nothing. Not even that cringy video of you in your college days; nothing holds the power to destroy you.


I am so thankful we can all come to this safe place to remember how good God is every single morning. This year has handed us all a new perspective on life. Not the same perspective, but a new one. God revealed things to me that He didn’t reveal to you and vice versa. It’s because he is the God of relationships.


He knows you by name. He calls you daughter; He calls you his son. He knows your mistakes. You aren’t hiding anything. He already forgave you. You are 2,000+ years too late. He knew what you were capable of, and he died for you anyway.


So start living in the freedom he bought for you. Declare it, today I am going to live in the FREEDOM I have been gifted. Nothing can be held over my head. There is no sin too big to forgive, not for my God.


When he calls us, I hope we run. Don’t weigh yourself down; you’ll be blind to the blessing of today.



Jesus, we know that you forgave us, so the Lord gives us the strength to forgive ourselves. Don’t let us hold onto the past. Don’t let us become paralyzed by our mistakes. We know that you love us, Lord. We know that you alone, Jesus died for us. So help us walk boldly into the freedom you paid for. We want to live in abundance. We declare today is going to be a great day. We declare that today our past, present, and future sins have no power over us. It is in your Holy name that we pray, AMEN!

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