November 12, 2020

119. Don’t Live Two Lives

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Episode 119


23 Anyone who listens to the word but does not do what it says is like someone who looks at his face in a mirror 24 and, after looking at himself, goes away and immediately forgets what he looks like.

James 1:23-24


Okay, let’s talk habits! I love to talk about habits, because after all if we are going to grow closer to Jesus every single day, it means we need to start replacing certain habits.


Getting in the habit of reading and journaling every morning can sometimes be daunting. I know you wake up on a Monday, and you did great, then again on Tuesday, and by the time Wednesday comes around, you forgot to wake up. Thursday and Friday are a toss-up. It’s possible you stick to it; it’s possible you don’t.


Some of you listen every single day; why? Because you’ve created a habit out of this podcast.


We all struggle with new habits. I know. I am one of you. We are all human, and we have our ways. It’s impossible for me to work out every single day; it’s just not a habit of mine. So why is applying new habits so hard for us?


Well, the answer to that is simple, habits are formed from our behaviors, and our behaviors are a result of our identity. If you don’t identify as an early bird, your body will always fight your alarm.


Can the same be said about applying scripture to your daily life?


I want to say yes. I know that when you habitually surround yourself with people who don’t act the way you want to act after reading scripture, it’s almost impossible to change.


It’s almost like living two lives, which is what this verse is saying. It’s like looking in a mirror and completely forgetting what you look like.


Queue that famous Mulan song that they didn’t even use in the live-action, WHO IS THAT GIRL I SEE, STARRING STRAIGHT BACK AT ME!


Man, I wish I can sing, but it just wasn’t a gift God blessed me with.


If there is anything you can walk away with today, it is the realization that you and I, our identity, is the same, and it comes from God. We are children of the Lord. When we hold this identity, we start behaving like children of God. When we start behaving like the heir to the throne, our environment will change, and as a result, our habits.


I want you to look yourself in the mirror and acknowledge that you are a child of God. You’ve been granted a seat at the table. You don’t need to pretend. You can stop reading scripture and forgetting to apply the word. You know the word, you know that our father in heaven is a good good father, and his everlasting love will always stand.



Jesus, thank you for yet another beautiful day. Jesus, help us in becoming more like you. Help us in removing toxic situations and people who don’t allow us to foster an environment that honors your kingdom, but more so help us truly love and accept the identity in which you’ve given us. We are your children. We need you, we love you, and it is in your Holy Name that we pray, Amen!

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