November 26, 2020

129. Thanksgiving 2020

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Episode 129


18 give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

Thessalonians 5:18


Gratitude is so underrated. We say it, but we don’t do it.


If you flipped absolutely everything in your life around and were grateful because of it, you would be a much happier person.


Today is Thanksgiving here in the states, and it’s a beautiful holiday where families get together to give thanks for everything. What started as a tradition to give thanks for the land became much more than that.


Now we give thanks for our circumstances, our lives, our families. But it comes with a lot of cooking, cleaning, and prepping and sometimes even a lot of tension in the house.


As you set the table and put the turkey to cook for 5 hours, things may arise. Little arguments with your family. Your casserole might burn, and the turkey may come out dry ( I pray no one has dry turkey tonight), but for the sake of today, I pray that no matter what happens, we flip the switch,


I get to make this turkey for my family to eat. Most aren’t as lucky as we are.


I get to set the table for my mom. She has a lot to do, and it is an honor to extend help where I can.


I get to help entertain the kid’s table.


I get to decorate my home.


I get to _____- fill in the blank.


Today is a special day, but the real win Is when we take our gratitude, and we apply it to our everyday lives. Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.


He wants us to be full of gratitude. He knows what it does to us when we are happier. It makes us healthier. It gives us reason to smile. It gives us reason to laugh and enjoy our time, rather than becoming so focused on everything else and dreading the next task in front of us.


Today is so much more than dinner with family. Today is a new opportunity to shift the paradigm of your life. Give thanks in all circumstances.



Father God, we are forever grateful for all that you’ve done in our lives. You’ve taken us from our lowest points and have lifted us high. You’ve walked us through all kinds of valleys and mountain tops, and we are still here to declare your goodness. I pray as we gather with family, and as tensions rise, you remind us that we can do what we are doing. We pray for those who may be spending the day alone. We pray for the families that have lost loved ones this year. We pray for the lives of those who do not have a place to call home. Let us be your hands and feet, and allow us to serve those around us. We love you, father. We ask for your protection in our lives and our families. It is in your Holy Name that we pray, Amen!

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