December 15, 2020

142. Take Heart, He Has Overcome

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Episode 142


“I have told you these things so that in me you may have peace. In this world, you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

John 16:33


Hey friends, happy Tuesday! So honored that we are in December of 2020. It’s been a consistent 6 months, and you all continue to tune in every day to listen to the word of God. If you love this podcast, I would be honored if you would leave me a review on Apple, or go ahead and click that follow button if you’re on Spotify. If you listen through another outlet or you have an extra few minutes, please share one of your favorite graphics to your story on Instagram. Everything you do helps the show continue to grow, and with growth comes the opportunity for others to find the show. We all need a little bit of Jesus each morning, so I thank you in advance.


I do have some exciting things up my sleeve, and I feel like God is just getting started with the My Morning Devotional Podcast and this little community! So tune in; next Monday, I will be announcing the Christmas/Episode 150 giveaway.


Over the last two weeks, we’ve been praying together as we prepare for Christmas, and this verse gives me so much hope for the future. Jesus came to this world to show us that there was a better way to live it. He came, and he overcame.


I love to say the words, God didn’t promise us it would be easy, but he did say it would be worth it. These words drop from time to time on the show. It’s something I hold onto frequently!! I read something yesterday that said, “everyone you meet is going through something they aren’t talking about.” Those words really spoke to me, because it’s so true. Everyone you meet is authoring a story you would never know the context to. You and I each have our things. We wake up, put a smile on our faces, and we go on about our day. Sometimes we have great days, and other times, it can become daunting and exhausting. Regardless of what the day presents, I pray we always remember to rest easy. He promises us that he has overcome the world. He is asking us to have peace.


All of the little things we battle, God has already taken care of it. So I pray we take a second to look around and breathe. I know; it’s the busiest and craziest time of the year. We all get knocked off our diets and routines, but there is no better time than to bask in the peace Jesus brings than on the weeks leading to his birth. So have faith, have faith In a better today as you prepare for the day ahead. Have faith that there is a better tomorrow. Have faith that the battle is already won. You will have trouble in this life, but take heart he has overcome the world!


Our faith throughout it all will make it all worth it. Just remember, today is a celebration!



Jesus, we take a moment today to thank you for what you did. We thank you for taking all of our battles and overcoming them. We thank you for overcoming the world. Sometimes we go through seasons where things get busy, and we get off track. We slip in our prayer time, we slip in our relationship with you, and we feel the effects in our life. God, I am asking for the strength to continue to work through a relationship with you; we know it will be worth it. God, thank you for everything you’ve ever done and will continue to do. Please bless the day ahead of us. We love you, and it is in your name that we pray, AMEN!

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