January 4, 2021

156. Have Faith, 2021

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Episode 156


“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”

Hebrews 11:1


Happy Monday! I have such a great feeling about this year. I know I must say this every single year, but this year I know it will be better. Why? Well because this past year allowed me to value what was important in life. When the world stood still in quarantine, things became clearer than ever. The most important thing we can have is our faith that we are not only protected, but the best is yet to come.


2021 will be our year. We all have set resolutions. I know; we are probably all waiting to start our diets today. Let’s be honest we all wait for the first Monday of the year, never the first of the year. I announced on Friday that I wrote my first Devotional Workbook for you all. It’s going to be a 21 day series of prayers to help us break out of that “on Monday” mentality. I want us to have the power to chose to become healthy on a Friday if we wanted to, but I will tell you all more about the book in the coming weeks. For now, it is a Monday, and we have the power to stick to all of the goals we set out.


This verse is a reminder that you can do all things. You have to have faith and willpower. Faith is the assurance of things hoped for. So if you resolved to buy a house this year, have the faith that God has set aside a plot of land for you and your family. If your resolution included getting your health back, have the faith that you have been given every tool to succeed. You can do this. You may not physically see the end goal, but you know exactly what you need to do, and you’ve been given the strength of God to do them.


Last week we talked about how He gave us a spirit of Self-Discipline. Remind yourself today and every day that you have the power of the Lord inside you. You can become whoever you want to. You can become the person who wakes up early and prays every single day. You have the power to become the person who runs 10 miles a week. You have the power to become the person who prefers healthy eating over donuts and French fries. You have everything you need to walk with God every day.


I hope you never lose sight of your faith. I hope today gives you the assurance for the things you hope for. I hope you know that even if you can’t see it, it can become yours.



Father God, thank you for safely getting us to today. We are so excited for this new year. We have so many resolutions in place, but God, we surrender them to you. We understand that we have everything we need to become the people we’ve always dreamed of becoming. But we know it all starts with you. Help us cultivate a relationship with you. Help us walk daily with you. Help us become disciplined in our prayer life so that it may pour over into our physical health, financial health, and relationships. We know you have a plan for us; allow us to walk boldly in that. It is in your holy name that we pray, AMEN!

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