January 15, 2021

165. What Worries You

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Episode 165


2 In vain, you rise early and stay up late, toiling for food to eat— for he grants sleep to those he loves.

Psalm 127:2


Happy Friday!


So excited for this weekend. I have had a few stressful days at work, and I just need some downtime. I hope you’ve all had a great work week but are equally as excited for the weekend. I just wanted to thank everyone who tuned in yesterday and already purchased the workbook that is on pre-sale. I have plans on announcing the pre-sale for the workbook next week, but I did want to give you all a few days to grab it before I officially opened the pre-sale on Instagram and Facebook.


What worries you? What keeps you up late at night. What wakes you up just as you close your eyes? Today’s devotional gives me peace. God grants sleep to those he loves. That means all of us. He loves us all, but can we truly enjoy the rest he gives us if we are in a constant state of worry?


This is something I have to constantly remind myself. When I hit hiccups along the road, I get worried and anxious. I immediately take the control back from Him. I don’t do it purposely, but I don’t surrender them freely. I have to remind myself to do so.


My goal this year is to be healthier and full of joy. Every day I surrender old habits and become overall a more joyful person. I remember my joy comes from Him. He protects me; He gives me rest; he gives me food to eat and shelter over my head. Now I get to enjoy life, live it to the fullest, laugh, and serve. I get to do things in a different manner.


It’s all about remembering to surrender and to rest in Him. I hope you do that this weekend. 



Father God, thank you for being a father who wants the best for us. Thank you for loving us, for giving us shelter, and for giving us a resting place. We ask that you help us sleep at night. May we cast our worries onto you. I know that we all have different things that worry us. Some of us worry about our incomes, others of us worry about our careers, some of us are in a season of the unknown as we study in college, I am personally in a season of building, and I surrender my need for control over to you. I ask that you bless us all, me and the person on the other side of the mic. You know our every need, so bless us, Jesus. It is with absolutely everything in us that we pray, AMEN!


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