February 3, 2021

178. His Very Best

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Episode 178


Then the Lord God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature.

Genesis 2:7


Day three as we dive deeper into the beautiful and most powerful choice of all. Love.


Today’s devotional was prompted by the question, why does He love us so unconditionally?


The answer is simple. We are His children. His creation. He breathed his very breath into our lungs. We are his prized possession.


Suppose we could only truly understand. I can imagine it’s easier for all the parents to understand this feeling, but because I am not a mom yet, I’m going to place myself in front of the things I create to try and get a glimpse of the feeling.


Think about it, have you ever created anything? I know you have because we were created by a creator, so it’s no coincidence we are always creating. This isn’t only for those who are artists. We are all creators. We create our realities, our passion projects, our systems.


Imagine the thing you’ve created that you love the most. Parents, imagine your kids. For me, if we’re talking about something I’ve created with my own hands, it would have to be my sugar cookies. When I create those, I give my entire best to them. They deserve my best.


I have to say that feeling is .000001 of how God felt when He created us. But I can imagine, He gave us His very best.


Meditate on that; God gave us His very best. He made us in His image. He loves us unconditionally. He extends Grace.


But we need to understand the whole story. He tried really hard to earn our love for a long time. And in our rebellious nature, we ruined that many times and when we would do so, he would discipline humanity. But one day, everything changed as he sent us his one and only son to pay the ultimate price.


I can’t imagine working so hard on something and then throwing it away, much less sacrificing a child. Much much less sacrificing the son of God.


You are his very best, and he wants you to know that. He paid the ultimate price for the ultimate love story. That is why He loves us so much.



Father God, we can never fully understand the pain you felt while Jesus laid his life for us. We know that you love us so much that you needed a way to get to us. We are better because of it. We pray that as we go about our day, we think and meditate over your love. You gave us your very best. You made us whole and complete with no mistakes. You worked you’re very best with our bodies and personalities. We take that for granted. You sacrificed your son. So that our sins may be paid for, we take that for granted as well. We just ask that we can love you to the best of our ability; we thank you for giving us so much—the roof over our heads, the relationships in our lives. The doors you open for us daily. We thank you, we love you. It is in your Holy name that we pray. Amen!

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