March 1, 2021

196. We Believe Because We Have Faith

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Episode 196


Through him, you believe in God, who raised him from the dead and glorified him, and so your faith and hope are in God.

1 Peter 1:21


Happy March! We are officially a month away from Easter and I am excited to explore the beautiful freeing story of what happened on the cross some 2,000 years ago.


But this verse encompasses our very faith so I thought it was fitting to start the month off in remembrance of why we love, trust, and pray to God.


It says through him, him being Jesus, you believe in God, who raised Jesus from the dead and glorified him. Because of this, because of this day, our faith and hope are in God.


It’s crazy how the trajectory of an entire world changed off the actions of one person, one afternoon.


Think about it, we live in the year 2021 AD – After Death and I know in the last few years society has changed it to “CE” “Current Era” but it’s still a monumental fact knowing this era’s start was all due to the events on the cross.


So we have to believe that what happened on that cross, and what happened three days later were not only important, but life altering. We get to reap the benefits of a world where Jesus already died for us. We get to live on this side of History. We get to live in a reality where we can come freely to God. We can put of faith and hope in Him because we’ve seen his work done again and again without failing.


I saw a quote somewhere that read:


Belief is not a matter of choice, but of conviction.


We don’t chose to believe in God, because we want to or because someone is making us. We believe in God because we’ve seen His work. Because we know what a world with Jesus being raised from the death looks like. We reap the seeds that he sowed 2,000 years ago. We get to walk in freedom. We know he will never leave nor forsake us. We know we are loved whole and complete. It’s so deep rooted, it’s a conviction.


So has you go about your day today, remember that because of the events on calvary, because God raised Jesus from the dead, because we are no longer slaves to our fears, we can live in hope knowing God is for us and no one could be against us.



Jesus thank you for your sacrifice it was because of that moment in time that we can live on the other side of the timeline in the freedom you bought for us. Thank you for never giving up on us. Thank you for choosing to be a perfect son, so that we don’t have to be perfect. Because of you we can put our faith and hope in God. Because of you we can walk and talk freely with our father and we do not take that for granted. Thank you for this beautiful day, we ask that you bless it. We love you with everything in us, in your Holy name we pray, AMEN!


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