199. We Believe In The Trinity

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Episode 199


7 For there are three that testify: 8 the Spirit and the water and the blood; these three agree.

1 John 5:7-8


As we approach 200 prayers together, I wanted to remind myself why I started this, and hopefully, it will encourage you. I started to broadcast my prayers because I knew my life was better in a relationship with my creator. I knew that even 5 minutes alone with Him could transform the day ahead of me.


In that, I knew others needed that reminder too.


Our father is 3 parts, and we are 3 parts. The number 3 is so important it signifies harmony of God’s presence and completeness. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that he is a 3-part God, and we are a 3-part man.


As you go about your day, reflect on this. God the Father, creator of the universe. Creator of the earth and the heaven. King above all. Jesus, his son, the word turned to flesh. He walked with God in the beginning. He sacrificed His life for us. He is 100% man, yet 100% God. He lived a sinless life and died for us. He is our greatest friend. The Holy Spirit, which is the very breath of God that resides within you. It is the voice on conviction and accountability. he gives you the strength to push forward and the discernment for when to pull back.


We are three-parts as well. The physical body is the only thing given to us at birth that will be with us when we depart. It takes care of us, gives us home while we are on this earth. We don’t give our bodies the credit they deserve. We are also part soul, our very essence the thing that makes us who we are. Our personality and life experiences are all wrapped into one beautiful energy. Our third part is the spirit that lives within, and we just covered that. It’s our direct line to the father.


We are all connected. It’s important that we treat them all with love and respect it deserves. Let’s fill our minds with pure thoughts, let’s fill our bodies with the greatest kinds of foods, let’s nourish our spirits by getting into the word. Let’s confide in our father as we pray every day. Let us not lean onto our understanding, but rather let’s look to Jesus for direction.


My prayer today is the same as it was in June; may we all find the time to honor what He’s given us. May we all find the time to worship, may we find the time to praise. May we find the courage to surrender. May we find the strength to spread love and light in this dim world. 



Father God, you amaze us every day. It is important that we remind ourselves of your goodness and our gifts. We take the Spirit within us for granted; we take our bodies for granted; we tarnish our souls without realizing the weight of our actions. We ask that you help us every day in growing closer to you. We thank you for pursuing us. We thank you for loving us. We thank you for meeting us right where you find us. We love you with everything in us; bless the day ahead of us. In your Holy name, we pray, AMEN! 


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