March 29, 2021

216. It Wasn’t Definite

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Episode 216


38 Later, Joseph of Arimathea asked Pilate for the body of Jesus. Now Joseph was a disciple of Jesus, but secretly because he feared the Jewish leaders. With Pilate’s permission, he came and took the body away.

John 19:38


I hope that you all had a wonderful Palm Sunday yesterday. I know that our devotionals have lined up to be ahead of the actual Easter events by one full week. But that was on purpose. I wanted us to really understand what this season was all about so that by the end of our 15th devotional, we could walk into Easter with an appreciation for the day and why we celebrate it.


Last Friday, we read about the death of Jesus, and today, I wanted to read about the importance of the burial. First of all, let’s talk about Joseph. This passage says, “He was a disciple of Jesus, but secretly” and that in its own will preach to your heart.


He feared the Jewish leaders, so He was a follower in secret. I know a lot of people who love God, love Jesus, but in secret because they fear what their Instagram followers would think if they talked more about their testimony. I was like that for a long time, so if that pulled on your heartstrings, please know you are not alone, but I encourage you to be courageous. You don’t know who’s the life you can impact by sharing your story.


But in today’s reading, I really wanted to look at the burial. Joseph took the body and washed it, wrapped it in linen, and buried Him per Jewish tradition with spices.


He honored Him. And gave him a tumb where no one had yet laid. As I was researching, I read that Joseph would have been a rich man, one that sat on the high council, so it is believed that He used the tomb he had ready for his future burial plans, and gave it to Jesus instead, which is an honorable move.


More so, we read that both Mary’s were present. They saw where Jesus had been laid to rest.


Making it now 3 people who can testify where Jesus’ body was. We know a fourth person can testify that the body was taken from the cross, being Pilate. In another gospel, we see that Pilate verified Jesus had died before giving permission to release His body, so technically, that could be a 5th person.


I think this was to set up what was about to happen. It was to make it apparent that not only was Jesus dead but He was buried. Making his death definite.


You could have a dream that is dead. You may think the COVID ruined your chance at a beautiful wedding or that this past year took away your dream job. Maybe your family is going through something that seems like the world is crumbling. I want to encourage you that God can bring those things to life again. He is the God of resurrection, and I am so excited to continue reading these passages. Today is a good day to check on that which you have laid to rest. That God-dream that you put to sleep. If it’s something God wants to resurrect, I know that He will. 



Father God, give us the courage to share our testimony. Give us the strength to step out in faith. Lord, if you want to bring old dreams to life, we let you. If you want to make a miracle happen, we want to be your vessel. We lay down our life for you today and every day. Thank you for yet another beautiful week. We love you with everything in us, AMEN and AMEN! 


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