239. The Father

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Episode 239


20 To our God and Father be glory forever and ever. Amen.

Philippians 4:20


First and foremost, thank you for being such an amazing community. It is an honor to lead you through prayer. I am so excited for all that is to come. Thank you for a listening day in and day out; we are officially number 35 on the Spiritual and Religion podcasts on Spotify.


I look forward to leading you in prayer for many years to come.


I wanted to thank everyone who has purchased a workbook thus far. You really have made dreams come true. If you are interested in the workbook, you can find the link in the description of this episode.


I wanted to do a study together, but because I am working on launching this podcast soon, I might have a community member lead us in the study, and I will be partaking. For more information on that, I will provide a link below, and you can expect an email from me in the coming weeks.


Okay, sorry for all the updates. Let’s get into today’s devotional!


I picked this verse because I get so overwhelmed from time to time. On any given day, I can be on top of the world and the lowest of lows. I am excited, and I am anxious. The emotions can change on me often.


The one anchor that keeps me level is the true definition of this verse. To our God and Father be glory forever and ever. There is only ONE person deserving of the glory.


The other day, I was celebrating a win for this show on social media, and I said, “Look at what God has done,” and a friend of mine replied, that’s all you. I understand the level of comfort that comment was intended to produce, but I paused, and I read it, and I genuinely said to myself, “no – look at God and how He moves.”


In every season of my life, the good, bad, and the ugly, I can look back and see how God was there every step of the way.


I don’t know what season you are walking through. I know a lot of us to have a worry in our hearts. Worry about the future. What degree should I pursue? Is my spouse going to be okay? How is my mom doing at this time? Will I ever find a partner in this life? Will I ever land my dream job? Will I ever become the parent I have dreamed of becoming. Will those adoption papers process in time. Will I find enough customers for my business to flourish?


We can look at our worry and be guilty of giving it the glory; we let it reign in our lives. Our one takeaway today is to remember the One who gives us life every day. Remember the One that is the only one deserving of glory. God is good. Forever and ever. He’s got us in the palm of His hand. 



Father God, thank you for being the driving force in our life. We don’t mean to give in to worry God, but it’s in our destructive nature to do so. We ask that you help us ground ourselves in you. May we always find our center in you. May we cast our worries onto you. May we remember that you feed the birds, so you too will take care of us. We thank you for your ways, for your purity, for your thoughts. We know they are greater than ours. Forever be the glory onto you. It is in your son’s mighty name that we pray, AMEN! 


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