May 5, 2021

243. Love; Even When You Don’t Want To

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Episode 243


Love does no harm to a neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.

Romans 13:10


True character perseveres when you learn to love your neighbor. The world can do you wrong, day in and day out. A few weeks ago, I was working through a troubling “bump in the road” I felt betrayed, to say the least. I was really heartbroken when I had heard some news regarding my business.


Nothing crazy, really. But it felt like the end of the world.


It felt like someone was coming for my dream.


In my anger, I said some unholy things, but with time, the conviction started to set in. There is plenty to go around. God created this earth so that we may all reap a harvest.


Loving a neighbor means wishing that person the best. The best thing this life can offer is a relationship with Jesus.


So as well as prepare for the day ahead of us, let us pray our neighbors to get a life-changing experience with our Lord. It is the best gift anyone can receive, even for those that make you want to scream.


Maybe you don’t have anyone you are mad at. Maybe you aren’t experiencing betrayal. But maybe you’re holding onto offense, and you’ve been a little blind to see it.


Our prayer today should be for God to live the glasses. May we rid of anything that poisons us. May we forgive, May we love.



Jesus, we ask that you help us in removing the glasses. May we dig into what we are holding onto. May we unpack that and surrender it to you. We want to extend nothing but love. We don’t want to hold onto anger, frustration, and offense. We pray our friends, family, and neighbors alike encounter you, it is the greatest gift we have received, and we want to pay it forward. We love you; we ask that you bless the day ahead. AMEN!

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