July 28, 2021

303. Silencio Bruno!

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Episode 303


Let your eyes look directly forward, and your gaze be straight before you.

Proverbs 4:25


Have you watched Luca? If not, please find some time this week to do so. What a cute Pixar movie. In this story, we have two young boys who are facing their fears, and they use this saying to shush the little voice of doubt in their heads. When that voice creeps in, they would yell, Silencio Bruno!


We all have a Bruno. Think about it, sometimes the hardest thing we can do is let go of the past. We hold onto our mistakes; we hold onto our shame.


When we think we are worthy of the blessings in our lives, a tiny voice is quick to remind us of our errors.


I want us to hold onto this verse and remind ourselves to tell that voice that reminds you of your past and reminds you of your shame that Christ silenced that voice once and for all when He went to the cross.


We don’t have to carry our shame. We don’t have to dwell on our mistakes. We get to surrender them to Christ, yell Silencio Bruno! And walk into the blessing God has in store for us today. Let us hold onto this verse; may we focus our eyes forward. Every day is a new promise. Every day is a new opportunity. Today is a good day to start being better. Today is a good day to walk in your promise for us. Today is a good day to take care of our bodies, our souls, and our spirits. 



Jesus, thank you for taking our mistakes and our shame and meeting us in the gap. Lord, remind us that we are not our past. We are not our failures. We thank you for loving us for everything we are, and we try our best each day to grow closer to you. We are becoming more like you each day. Help us in silencing the voice inside that worries, that holds onto fear, that makes us feel inadequate. Help us in remembering that your grace covers a magnitude of shortcomings. We love you with everything in us, AMEN! 

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