August 12, 2021

314. Pay It Forward

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Episode 314


10 Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially those who belong to the family of believers.

Galatians 6:10


Alexa and Jose, you made my night! Let me explain. Last night I had an amazing dinner surrounded by great company and even better food. I went to eat at my favorite restaurant, which I found out recently, one of our community members works there.


So when I made my dinner plans, I asked her if her husband would be working. She told me he wasn’t but that they made our reservations and that we were all set to enjoy dinner.


I thought that was so kind, I don’t know why I never think about making a reservation, and it saved us a 45-minute wait. Well, we enjoyed our dinner and asked for the check, and when it came out, the waiter informed us that the tab was taken care of.


My jaw dropped, and I hope you both know (because I know that you are listening) I cried on the way home.


I write these devos days in and day out because I need them. I needed to stay accountable; I wanted to grow deeper with Jesus. But I never imagined it would have resulted in thousands of people tuning in from around the world. It is such a blessing to know that these devotionals have impacted you all as well.


I write all of this not to brag on my free dinner but to brag on a community of believers that God formed. I haven’t run any Ads for this podcast; if you are here, it is because you so happened to find it, or your friend sent it. It was given to you by God.


We are a family of believers because although we don’t know each other, we know there are other people on opposite sides of the world, waking up and listening to the same prayer. Our stories are all different, but our prayers are the same. On a daily we pray for guidance, we pray for strength, we pray for patience. We pray for help; we celebrate, we mourn. Together we are spiritual beings experiencing a human moment, and we come together to bask in His presence for just 5 minutes.


So today, when you find an opportunity to be kind, be kind. Make someone’s day because when we do that, that person is likely to pay it forward. Imagine what good we can do as a community if we all did something kind for someone today. We could impact people in Asia, in Australia, in North America, in Europe, in Africa. There is no region on earth we cannot touch today.


Our rifle effects can echo in eternity. We have the power to make someone’s day; we today. Let us make it our mission to do so. 



Father God, we come together asking for you to open our eyes to all the ways we can be kind today. Lord, let us pay it forward. Let us be a blessing in someone’s life. If they see us and our actions, and if it reminds them of your father, then it will have been worth it. Today we as a community are excited to spread kindness on all regions of this earth. We love you with everything in us, AMEN! 


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