August 26, 2021

324. What Can Nullify His Faithfulness

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Episode 324


What if some were unfaithful? Will their unfaithfulness nullify God’s faithfulness?

Romans 3:3


Sometimes we lack faith. Sometimes we cannot see the plans He has for us. Sometimes we cannot see His presence in our daily life. We act out. We run further from Him. We let our faith slip through our very fingers.


But this verse asks a vital question… does our lack of faith nullify His faithfulness?


The answer is no.


Our lack of faith will never remove God from His faithfulness. He isn’t faithful to us because we are faithful to Him. Imagine a world like that. If His faith relied on us, we would be doomed. 


We are so blessed to have a father who continues to show up in our lives, especially when we often don’t show up for Him. Not because we don’t necessarily want to, but because our sinful and rebellious nature always falls short of perfection.


God is good. He isn’t waiting for you to love Him, for Him to love on you. This isn’t like dating. This isn’t a modern-day dialogue… it took Him 3 hours to text you back, so now you have to wait 3 hours to text Him.


No, it is the complete opposite. It took me twenty-four years to pursue Him. He didn’t wait twenty-four years to pursue me back, no He didn’t even wait twenty-four hours, let alone twenty-four seconds. Our father is faithful. He is right there, right beside you, and you, with your lack of faith from time to time, have no effect on His love and His faithfulness in your life. 



Father God, you are so good to us. Even when we don’t deserve it. Lord, sometimes we run far away; sometimes we let our faith slip. We don’t see what you are doing and how you are working on our behalf, and so we are unfaithful. But Lord, we are blessed. Blessed that your faithfulness is unshakable; it’s unparalleled and unmovable. You are the name above all names, and we are blessed to have you in our life. It is in your Holy name that we pray, AMEN! 

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