September 9, 2021

334. Our Given Word is Binding

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Episode 334


4 When you make a vow to God, do not delay to fulfill it. He has no pleasure in fools; fulfill your vow. 

Ecclesiastes 5:4


If you didn’t know, in college, I was in a sorority. My roommates today are all my Phi Mu sisters. I have a group of friends that has truly become family because of this organization, and one of the lines in our creed is “Believing that our given the word is binding.”


I try to hold true to that.


I find it really easy to keep my word to certain groups of people. Taking this community, for example, you have my word that when you wake up, you’ll have a devotional to listen to. Monday – Friday.


But then there are groups of people that it’s harder for me to fulfill my promise. Maybe it’s because of comfort. I will tell my sisters or boyfriend that I can do something for them, but I accidentally overbooked my schedule, and they bare my flaky word.


I tell myself that I am going to meal prep and move my body and something comes up, and I tell myself, “I can start next week.”


The problem with this is that I am comfortable with those around me. I know they will accept me, even when I stand them up or I don’t make their requests a priority. I do this to myself, and what I have found is the more I let myself down, the more I stop believing the things I tell myself.


I stopped to think, how often do I give God my word, and because of my comfort level, I have tossed Him into the second batch of people.


I want to live my life knowing that He is proud of me. I know that the promises I set out and the vows I make are vows that I keep. Not only the vows I make other people, but the vows I make to myself and my father in heaven.


May today be a day I fulfill my vows. May I take the words I say seriously? May you do so as well. They hold power.



Father God, forgive me for every time I break a vow. Forgive me for every failed promise. Forgive me for every time I tell you I will do something and I don’t follow through. Lord help us in keeping true to our word. Help us in standing up for ourselves, for our friends, and our family. When we give someone our word, may it be binding? Thank you for the opportunity to strengthen our relationships with those around us. It is in your son’s Holy name that we pray, AMEN! 

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