September 13, 2021

336. Quenching Dehydration

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Episode 336


He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, ‘From his innermost being will flow rivers of living water.’”

John 7:38


My sister spent some time in the hospital over the weekend. My mom lived in Nashville and took a flight down as soon as possible to be here with her. She was discharged the next day. She was fine; they just wanted to keep her for further observation. Although what she was experiencing was abnormal, her scans showed everything was normal. It turned out she was just dehydrated and stressed. Two things were invisible to the eye.


There are many times in our lives, where we are bleeding, and the cause is unknown. If you did a quick scan, you would see everything was normal. Nothing could be causing the bleeding. You have a roof over your head, water to drink, food to eat, family or friends to commune with. Yet, we all walk around dehydrated and stressed.


We know our dehydration can only be quenched by drinking from the living water. Our eyes on Jesus allow us to see that He will always give us the next right step. We can lean on Him, talk to Him, and follow Him in different ways. We can read the word, listen for when He deposits his righteousness into your soul during your quiet prayer time. He can speak to you through others. Jesus is everywhere. Sort of like water. We just have to make the conscious choice to stay hydrated.


Stress is taken care of when we allow our faith to dictate our outcomes. If we just focused on what we could control and gave everything else to God, we would be a lot happier today. Let’s stop living in the unknown of the future and start loving the moments of today. 



Father God, we walk around dehydrated and stress, and it’s leaving us bleeding. Others can’t see why we are hurting, Lord, but you do. You know it’s because we take the reins in our life, and we don’t hand what we cannot control to you. Lord, today, we are going to practice doing just that. We give you what we cannot control, and we look to you, the living water. We don’t want to be dehydrated and stressed. We love you with everything in us, AMEN! 

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