September 16, 2021

339. No Greater Relationship

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Episode 339


The Spirit of God has made me,

And the breath of the Almighty gives me life.

Job 32:8


To understand and know that the Spirit of God made you is a gift in itself. We know that He gave us life. We know that he formed us. We know that he watches us, and we know that we are never alone. We don’t ever have to feel like we are alone. We can walk knowing that wherever we go, the Spirit of The Lord is around us.


I went to a worship event last night, and I was overwhelmed with the feeling that God is always there. He is never going to leave us alone, and that His spirit follows us. I was overwhelmed by the feeling that God crafted me. He is enough. There is nothing else in this life that I need.


When we are faced with questions or reach crossroads, my prayer is that we pause for a moment and remember who made us. Who’s we are. Who watches over us. Who protects us and who died for us.


Nothing heals us like a true relationship with our creator. So work on that today. Maybe it’s as simple as listing five things you are grateful for. Maybe it’s your health, your family, your career, your passions, your hobbies, your home. Maybe you work on your relationship with Him by giving Him your sins—the things you want to hide from Him. However you choose to work on your relationship, may you find peace knowing there is no greater relationship you can build. 



Father God, we worship you. We love you, Lord. We pray today to build our relationship with you. We want to do good and be good. We want to confide in you all of the little details. We are so overwhelmed when we think about just how great you are. We thank you, Jesus, for reaching us individually. Thank you, Father, for giving us the breath of life. We love you; we built our relationship today. In your Holy name, we pray, AMEN! 

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