September 27, 2021

346. Do You Want To Redeem Your Points?

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Episode 346


Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,

For they will be filled.

Matthew 5:6


When we pressure God, He fills us. There is no going around it. When we love Him, we feel His love. When we bless others, He blesses us. It’s a principle we talk about a lot on this podcast because we pray for the day ahead of us. Every day is an opportunity to remind ourselves of the power that lives within.


Now, this verse is promising us that when we hunger and third for righteousness, we will be filled. Meaning when we devote our lives to the ways of Jesus, we will never lack anything. The Bible says we will lack no good thing. He fills our lives with the purest of joys.


I especially like how the author addresses hunger and promises us that we will be filled. It’s something everyone, no matter the season, can relate to. Everyone on the planet eats. But of course, this verse spoke to me through my normal coffee order. Every day I go to Starbucks, I order a tall double-shot oat milk latte with cinnamon steamed inside the milk and one shot of sugar-free vanilla syrup. It’s one of my go-to orders mixed in with my occasional iced latte or cold brew. But I usually gravitate towards a tall or a grande. I never order a venti.


I scan my points every time. The Starbucks app is the best food ordering app out there. You can’t disagree with me. But one day, I scanned my barcode, and the kind lady on the other side said, did you want to redeem your points? I said, sure. She proceeded with, did you want to make it a Venti? It’s the same amount of points. I said, sure, let’s go with the large.


This, my friends, is what happened when we pursue righteousness. We gain stars every time we bless someone else. We gain stars every time we die to our needs. We gain stars when we are the hands and feet of Jesus. But one day, Jesus asks us, did you want to redeem your points? And He blesses us tenfold. Not just with a free blessing, but a large blessing.


The best part is that the following day you go back and order your coffee again, and this time you scan for points and pay for your drink like usual.


So today, as we go about our days, let’s remind ourselves of his goodness. Let’s remind ourselves of the promise in Matthew 5:6 when we pursue his righteousness; we will be filled. So if today is a point redeeming day, or a point accruing day, it’s a good day to pursue the righteousness of God. 



Lord, we thank you for the blessing of life. We thank you that each day we can pursue you, lord. We don’t bless to get a blessing; we bless others because you first blessed us. We know from pure hearts is when you truly give us a blessing in return, so today, with the purest of hearts, we ask you to point us in the direction of righteousness. We want to be more like you. It is with everything in us that we pray for the day ahead of us, AMEN! 

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