353. Surrounded By God

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Episode 353


The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

Exodus 14:14


Things happen to us. We are so quick to want to control the problem. The doctor called us, and what did we do? Do we go straight to our church? Or to our prayer place? Do we turn off the phone and ask for a minute alone with God?


I can tell you that I am guilty of immediately jumping on Web MD. I have to be vigilant to remember that my healing comes from the Lord and not from Google.


Today’s verse is clear on what we need to do when we have battles. The Lord fights for us. We need only to be still.


Stillness is when we can hear Him. The world is loud. Social media is loud. People say Google knows all. Maybe it knows a lot, but only one entity knows all, and that is our creator, our father, our friend. He knows all. So today, we surrender our battles because we know that when we surrender, we are surrounded by God.


It’s better this way. Less heavy. We can enjoy our days when we give him the hard stuff, the heavy stuff, the sad stuff, the struggle, and the strife. 



God, today, we trust you. Every day, we trust you. Lord, we know that you will fight for us. So we give it to you. The crazy part is thousands of us come together today and let you know every single one of our needs. That is unlike anything else we know, and for that, we so humbling come to you. Knowing that you hear us all, knowing that you protect us all, knowing that you bless us all. We love you so much. It is in your name we pray, AMEN! 

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