October 11, 2021

356. Don’t Stop Working For It

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Episode 356


Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.

James 1:12


Happy Monday! Finally home in my bed, and it feels good! Let me tell you about the day I have had. It was obstacle after obstacle, but I am home and in front of my computer and ready to praise Him.


Today I landed after traveling with my 87-year-old grandfather. He is not easy to travel with—a big guy who can barely walk these days. Then we had to take a shuttle to the car and then drive back to drop him off at home. When we got to his house, he didn’t have keys, and so we had to go drop off my boyfriend’s mom and switch cars.


Then we went to my house to get my spare keys that have a copy of my grandfather’s house key. When I am finally ready to get home to start recording, we realize that I left my laptop and my bag in my boyfriend’s mom’s car. That bag contained my laptop and my microphone. Wow, what a day.


Now I am recording on a computer that doesn’t have all my software and tools necessary, but I was able to figure something out.  The audio quality may not be the best, but the commitment to the show is greater.


I chose today’s verse after the night I had to highlight one thing. Salvation is granted from one moment to the next, but heaven is fought for daily. Trails make you want to quit. Unexpected hiccups along the way make you want to throw in the towel. But perseverance is what gets us to the crown of life. The enemy is working double-time to get your further away from what God has called you to.


But what I have learned in this life is that nothing is given to you in moments. A true character has to be built over time after spending many days in the fire. No one goes to the gym one day and then loses 50 lbs. In the same way that you can’t pray one day and not think you need to work for your spiritual life on a daily.


Today may we remember to fight for what is ours. The kingdom of God has been given to us, so push for it even when bumps in the road are thrown your way. 



Father God, we thank you for molding us, shaping us, and allowing us to build character through the trials we face daily. We know you gift us salvation from a moment to the next, but we also know that it takes faith and dedication to our commitment to you to feel the fruit of our faith. We love you and pray for this week, AMEN! 

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