October 28, 2021

369. Take Off The Masks

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Episode 369


He is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways.

James 1:8


I am telling you the bible talks about it all. All of our questions have answers, and they can all be found in the pages of the bible.


Today we continue our spooky devotional series, and I wanted to talk about the masks we wear. A lot of us hide who God has made us be, and we hide behind what society wants us to be.


A lot of us pretend to be one way on Sundays and then are different people at work Monday-Friday.


Today I challenge myself and you to look deep within and assess where it is that I hide. Who do I become in certain crowds, and why do I do it? Maybe it comes from a place of lack of confidence. Maybe it comes from a place of trying to fit in.


No matter which way we slice it, we must be honest with ourselves and remember that living two lives, wearing masks, being someone different in certain crowds is not only exhausting and draining but is unstable.


We weren’t created to live two lives; we were created to live one beautiful life in the freedom of Christ.


So today, as we go about our days, let’s be extra vigilant in the way we act in the circles we influence. What kind of behavior are we showing? Are we showing signs of instability? If so, can we surrender those areas to God and work on who we are, walking in confidence He has given us.



Father God, today we check ourselves. Today we look at the way we act in the different circles of people to which we belong. We pray we are honoring you in all of our actions. Lord, if we wear masks in certain groups, places, or instances, we implore you to make it known to us. Lord, change us. Let us be more like you. Let us live honorable stable lives. We love you with everything in us, AMEN!


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