November 11, 2021

379. Use What We’ve Been Blessed With

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Episode 379


We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us. If your gift is prophesying, then prophesy in accordance with your faith; 

Romans 12:6


Last night I watched the CMA awards, and I have to admit I am not truly a country music fan. The artist was singing, and the song was heavily Christian influenced, and I thought to myself, I wonder how Jesus looks at this artist, and the image of a father appeared in my head. Eyes fixed on this artist with joy and love in his heart. So, where I might not fully enjoy country music, I am sure Jesus loves it. Same with rap music and Spanish music. I know that our Lord loves it all as long as it honors Him.


This, to me, was a picture of life beyond music. Life is when we involve our gifts and our talents. When we choose to honor the Lord with what he has given us, I know that he stops and looks at us with joy and love in his eyes.


Each of us has been given a set of gifts. And our gifts will not reach everyone. I am sure my words may impact some and not others, where Spanish worship music touches some and not others, where country music speaks to some and not others. But what would the world look like if we all used our gifts?


How many people could we reach together?


Maybe you hear these words, and the question pops up in your mind, but what are my gifts? I want to pray for you today because you have them. It’s all about uncovering them. Maybe you hear these words, and you are afraid. Afraid that you’ll fail. Let me tell you something if it honors God, and it won’t ever fail. Failure isn’t determined by the popularity of your gift, if you use it to honor the Lord, you could impact one person, and it would have been enough.


So I encourage us today to use what we’ve been blessed with. Use your voice, use your words, use your hands. Spread the love of Jesus through the gifts He has given you. 



Lord, thank you for our gifts. Thank you for the talents you’ve given us individually. Lord, today we look at them, and we recenter them and fix our eyes on you. Lord, we ask that our talents impact one soul or a generation of people. We know that anything that saves one person would be worth our time and commitment. So we sing to you, we write for you, we act for you, we work for you, we encourage for you, we serve for you. It is in your holy name that we pray, AMEN!

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