November 23, 2021

387. Our Homes

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Episode 387


My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest.

Isaiah 32:18


Lord, today I wanted to take a moment and thank you for our homes. Not just the roofs over our heads. But our home cities, our home churches, and those we call home.


When I read this, I thought about my history with houses.


I grew up in a beautiful home three-bedroom, two-bathroom house in suburban Miami. In 2009 my house caught fire, and soon for an entire year, we shared a home with our cousins, then my grandparents, and finally, we found a townhouse we were able to rent for a short time.


Sometimes stability isn’t always available to us. Some of us right now might be in some shaky circumstances but just for a moment, let’s pause and thank Him for the roof over our heads. No matter if it’s a home we own or a shelter we share, we thank Hi for the safety His peace gives us.


Beyond that, we thank him for the security He gives us in His home. We thank him for our churches, and our relationships, and our relationship with Him—all of the things that, when they come together it give us a blanket of security.


Lastly, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on what truly gives us undisturbed rest, and that would be our prayer rooms if that’s in a car ride alone or your bed right before we go to bed. We all have a place where we can meet Him. I just wanted to say thank you, Jesus, for meeting me on the car rides while I run errands. Thank you, Jesus, for meeting me at my desk every night before I go to bed. And where ever he finds you, I pray you to say thank you.


Security isn’t something a lot of people have; in fact, nothing in this side of eternity is truly secure, but we can thank God for bringing things into and out of our lives to ensure we are safe.



Jesus, thank you for the security you give us. Thank you that in you we find peace, we find rest. We thank you for meeting us in the car, or in our rooms, where ever it may be. We thank you for the roofs over our heads. We thank you for the life we share with those we love. We thank you for our home cities, our home countries, our home churches. It is in your son’s holy name that we pray, AMEN

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