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409. The Messiah

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Episode 409


Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord

Luke 2:11


For the last 24 days, we have been looking at different names of Christ and really the last 23 days as Tomorrow’s the last day, but we have been looking at his different names. We have been looking at his characteristics and we have been growing our faith a little bit deeper and stronger with who Jesus was all of the different things that he was sent to be for us. And in this case, he is the Messiah and it was a person that was spoken about in the Old Testament many times through different prophets, and the people of Israel were waiting for this person, this Messiah, this King to come and save them. And here is confirmation that on Christmas morning in the town of David, a Savior had been born. 


He is the Messiah. So that was the conference confirmed that the people at the time were looking for. Now when I think about the word, the Messiah, I really think that it is a testament to the power that he held. This was a person by a particular name, we are waiting for him. And when the Lord acknowledges that he is that that one that they had been waiting for that is so important. It holds so much value it holds so much authority and it just speaks to the kind of person that Jesus was. He was full of authority. He was full of righteousness. He had the full appointees of God because He was God. 


He was God the Son and it is an honor to do life with him. It is an honor to know that, you know, we allow Him to lead us on a daily basis. We are letting God be the king of our lives. We’ve discussed many different names, the King of kings, the light of the world, and I just, I just get very overwhelmed when I think about them all because he has so many names and they’re also beautiful, but really at the end of the day, he is not this big grandiose person but this small intimate person, the small intimate father, the small, intimate friend, the person that we can talk to the person that we can confide in, the one that came from me, the one that came to you, the one that sees all of our prayer requests and knows that we’re going to be okay because he has it in the palm of his hands. He is the Messiah. He is my best friend. He is the Savior. He is the Son of God. He is the son of David, he is live of the world. She is our Jesus, our wonderful and beautiful Jesus and we get to do life with him. So as I get ready for the last day of my work week, and whatever you do for today, whatever it is that you’re doing, 


I hope that we just take a quick minute to pause and reflect on who God is to us. who Jesus is to us. Why is it that we’re gathering with her family this weekend? Why do we celebrate why do we send such kinds of words to one another? Is it because it’s something that we’ve done year after year after year? Is it just routine that the summer is a joyous month? Or are we actually doing that because we’re celebrating the birth of our Savior, the birth of the Messiah? So just take a moment to reflect on that.



Jesus, we love you. We love you so much and today, we get ready to celebrate you every day, especially this weekend as we honor your birth. Lord, we know what your birth means. To us. We know what it meant to the world and we think you that you came as a baby grew up you lived a life like a man 100% Man 100% God, he knows what we’re walking through. You know what we’re feeling. And you love us and you’re here for us and you take it from us and we think You we ask that you bless this day with everything in our hearts. We pray this in Your mighty mighty Name, Amen. 

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