January 7, 2022

420. Heart of Flesh

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Episode 420


I will give them an undivided heart and put a new spirit in them; I will remove from them their heart of stone and give them a heart of flesh.

Ezekiel 11:19


Last night I was with my Godmother and cousins celebrating Christmas. Our Christmas dinner was canceled because too many of our family members were sick, but we had decided to postpone it for el did de Los tres Reyes ago. So we celebrated and did our gift exchange, and it was a great night. We were having dinner outside and suddenly my Godmother. Cousin-in-law and I saw a ball of fire leap across the sky.


The three of us jumped simultaneously. My sister saw us jump, and by the time she turned around, it was gone.


I was a little shaky for a few minutes. I was waiting for the impact of this massive stone to hit the floor. Would I feel the shock wave, or would it dissipate before it hit?


When I read this verse, and I think about that ball of stone-headed straight through the atmosphere, I see a parallel. The atmosphere saves us from meteors every single day. It is the protective layer between the ground and space. It dissolves even the fastest flying stones. It saves us from total destruction.


In the same way, meteors and fireballs are potential threats, so are stone hearts. Actually, a stone heart can have the same destructive nature as a meteor that were to strike the ground. When we allow our hearts to harden, we hurt those closest to us.


Today, I pray that we allow God to work on our hearts, Much like our atmosphere, which will enable him to dissipate the stone. Allow him to give you a heart of flesh. Let’s be open to the idea that love is still possible. A career you love is still possible. Children are possible. God wants to give us all the desires of his heart. We just need to be okay that it might not look the way we want, but it will be even better than how we would imagine in…


Some of us are walking with hearts of stone. Let’s surrender that to God today.



Jesus, we love you so much. Today we ask that you protect us, guide us, shield us from any harm. Lord, today we give you our hearts of stone; we want a heart of flesh. So we work on allowing joy to embody us. We allow the dreams we once had to re-flood our minds. Today we pray for those looking for love, looking for connection, friends, career, house, financial freedom. Lord, we pray for the dreams that have been lost, the ones that turned our hearts to stone, and we give it to you. We love you with everything in us, it is in your holy name that we pray, AMEN!

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