January 13, 2022

424. Fortified Safety

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Episode 424


The name of the LORD is a fortified tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.

Proverbs 18:10


There is such a sense of safety when it comes to Jesus. I can’t begin to describe it, but I know we’ve all felt it, even if it was just for a second.


There have also been many times where I let fear take the driver seat, and I forget just how safe I feel in the presence of the Lord.


It is so important to have others around you that can help keep you accountable in your faith.


Some of us feel alone in our journey, and if that is you, I encourage you to find an online church or join the Facebook group and befriend someone. The reason is that, in those moments where we forget how strong the Lord is when we forget the kind of God we serve when adversity faces us. We doubt, or our faith fails, that friend needs to step in and remind you that the name of the Lord is a fortified tower, and we His righteous people run to it and are safe.


We don’t have to be alone on this walk. We don’t have to do this life alone. As long as we are reminded every single day that the Lord is our safety, I know life will turn out to be pretty magical, full of wonder, full of joy.


When we react in fear, it’s because we react in defense; when we remember that we have someone fighting for us, that perspective shifts. We no longer have to respond in faith, but we get to our fortified towers and seek shelter; we can seek safety.



Father God, you are our protector. You keep us safe. We are so blessed to be doing life with you. Lord, we thank you, we thank you for this beautiful Thursday. Lord, a lot of us are battling in our respective journeys. Each of our situations is as unique as the fingerprint assigned to us. Lord, we give it to you. We walk badly in faith, declaring the new job is ours, the stability in our finances has been taken care of, the pain we feel in our lonely moments are long behind us because we know you have a faith family we can lean on in times like these. Lord we give it all to you. We thank you and ask that you protect us today. We know today, something good is going to happen. We pray this all in your mighty name, AMEN!

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