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436. Elohim

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Episode 436


In the beginning, Elohim created hashomayim (the heavens, Himel) and Haaretz (the earth)

Genesis 1:1 (Bereshis 1:1)


Elohim is his name. He is God. And when we look at that, when we look at the actual translation of Elohim, We can read about how he is supreme, he is the one and the only He is above all else, so he is the Ultimate Creator. And when I was studying this today, I was reading out of Bible study tools. I like to go to this website. It’s been very informative for me, it’s a site that I like to read as much as possible. And right here, it says, What does Elohim mean? It says the term Elohim means supreme one or mighty one. So I just want to highlight not only how mighty he is but how precious he is; he is superior. He is great; he’s powerful. He is above all things. 


This means that we feel him not only in our day today, but we feel him when we go outside, and we feel that wind when we see the rainfall only see the snowfall, wherever it is, wherever it is. He is supreme. He is above all things. We feel him in absolutely everything he has created because He is the Creator. 


He didn’t hire someone to make mountains for him. He didn’t hire someone to design the use of a tree. He came in, and he did it. And so he is supreme. He is mighty. He is our Creator. He is alone. And it is a beautiful, old word in nature, but it can be used and so when you’re speaking about your God, you can call him Elohim you can pray to him and say, God, you are our provider, you are our supreme you are Ruler of all things you are Elohim, and so I hope that we continue to learn more about his nature, as we dive into the different names being four, or a Roy. And we’re going to look at all of his different attributes. And we’re going to dissect them one by one. But this is the first one. It was Genesis chapter one verse one, so I hope that you enjoy this, and I hope that you continue to apply his different names in your lives in different areas as you pray, so today that is go outside and let’s just feel for him. 


Let us look at the snowfall here in the snow. Go and if you’re on the beach, look at the sand, look at the waves and look at how he is ever-present. And absolutely everything that he has ever created. He’s supreme over.



Elohim, Father God, we love you. You are the all mighty. You are, over all things, your superior in all of our lives. You are the creator. You are the one that we can count on. You are the one that we look to. You are our strength, our joy, our peace. You are all of the above because you are above or below you; before you go behind us, you know it. Lord, we love you so much, and we are so blessed to continue to learn more about your names or give us revelation as we continue to learn that is held on to your different attributes in your different names. Let us call you by name as you call us by name. So Lord, today we call you Elohim you are the mighty one. You are our Protector. We absolutely love you with everything in us, and we pray this all in your holy name. Amen.

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