453. Bite Sized Faith

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Episode 453


I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

Timothy 4:7


A lot of the time, we think about the things in our lives, and we look at it with this big picture. It could be a big problem. So we need big faith to face our big problems. It could be big goals that we’re trying to achieve. And so we think that we need to make big changes in our lives in order to achieve those things. But what I’ve realized in my life is I take everything down, and I break it down into smaller bite-sized pieces. It becomes a little bit more manageable. 


Now there’s; first, it always reminds me of someone at the end of their life, you know, they fought the good fight. They finished the race. They kept the faith. But I think that that is a verse that we can apply to our every single day life, and we’re looking at our bite-size goals. Did we keep the faith today? Did we fight the good fight today? Did we finish today’s race instead of making our mountains our goals, the things that are going on in our lives? Personally, instead of making those things marathons that we have to accomplish? Why don’t we break those down? And let’s make them just small mile markers. 


Every single mile marker is powerful. And if we look at each mile as a race in itself, then we will get to the end of the marathon, look back and not just say, hey, we want a marathon because hey, we won 26 races. A marathon isn’t achieved overnight. 


It takes a lot of months of running and a lot of months of training in order to get to the end. So why would we think that taking on life’s challenges would be any different. We’re not talking about a large race. We’re not talking about the race of life. We’re talking about the race of today. Some people are very gifted, and they couldn’t run a race without any training whatsoever. But most people follow some sort of schedule, some sort of app, some sort of training program. And these training manuals will tell you Okay, today you’re going to run two miles from are gonna run five, so on and so forth. But what I have found is that the best training manual in life’s marathon is Jesus. We have him to lean on. We have him to tell us what to do today. 


What to do tomorrow. He directs our steps. And so when we’re looking at whatever it is, this mountain of a problem, this huge goal, this big dream, whatever we’re trying to break up and make bite-sized races, we have him to lean on and to direct us towards the next step.



Oh my God, thank you for this beautiful Wednesday. Thank you for this beautiful community that comes in day in and day out to listen to you, Lord; today, we are looking to finish the race. But Lord, in order to do so, we need to finish the race for today. We can’t just try to run a marathon. We have to break it down and just get through the day. So Lord, all of us are looking at our big mountain, whether it’s positive or negative. And we’re asking for the strength and the guidance and cutting them down into bite-sized races. And then, Lord, help us take the next right step. We know that you are the best trainer; you are the best schedule that we can follow. You are the best trainer we could ever hire, or you are the person that we want to be directing our steps. So help us in our steps for today. Help open those windows, help close those doors help us where we need it most. We thank you so much in advance for all that you do. We thank you for all that we have. We love you, and it is in your son’s mighty name that we pray. Amen.

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