March 4, 2022

460. The Performer of Wonders

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Episode 460


21 He is the one you praise; he is your God, who performed for you those great and awesome wonders you saw with your own eyes.

Deuteronomy 10:21


Where wonder itself is one of my favorite words that come up frequently in the Bible, I feel like I say that all the time, but it’s because I love a lot of aspects. Some of it is an understandable way to learn every single day, but some of it I truly love and wonder is one of it. To me, wonders, I wonder, is something that is supernatural that I can’t comprehend. It makes me think twice about it. And to me, that is all of God’s work. I can never comprehend why I am blessed the way I’m blessed that my family is blessed the way they’re blessed.

I can never comprehend his dime and devoted love for His people. I can never comprehend why he loves us so much when we are also flawed and we’re also greedy or we’re so mean are so angry. And we’re so quick to judge, and there are so many flaws to us as humans, and I can never comprehend it. It is a wonder to me why he loves us so much. I can never imagine sacrificing my child for the love, you know, the
people that I love. But even the thought of that, I can’t comprehend Thomas, so God to me is wonderful.

I can’t put my finger on absolutely other forests on this planet or in this world and in heaven and hell that can compare to him, and it’s because they’re there is nothing compares. And what I love about this first is that we are responsible for remembering all of the great and awesome wonders that we saw with our own eyes because we all have a testimony. They were all at someplace. And we were brought up from that place from that low place, and we all have the person in our lives that was healed. We all have a story of all people who overcame addiction or who came from a bad situation and overcame that. We all have a moment of time that I call our BC days. In our 80 days. Our BC before Christ’s days. They exist in our every single day life. We have a before Christ version of ourselves that we can never forget. Because that is the proof of the goodness of our Lord, and so he is the one that we praise.

He is our God; we thank him for bringing us out of where we were before. It is a beautiful thing to celebrate. And he is the God of miracles. He is the kind of wonder; he is the God of love. We get to thank him for our testimony. And we get to thank him for the testimony of others because sometimes we need to lean on someone else’s testimony to remind us that He is the God of miracles. In today.

We have people who are suffering all over the world. We have people who are suffering right here at home. We are people. We have people in our lives that may be suffering from the sickness from health diseases from anything. We get to lean on other people’s testimony to give ourselves hope and assurance that anything is possible, that he is the God of miracles, that he is a healer, and that he is here with us, battling every single day. So today, we’re going to be praying for a dear friend of mine, Daniella; her mom is in the hospital has been in the hospital for some time now. We’ve paid for her in the past. She’s been in and out for almost two years at this point. And my friend Daniela just gave birth, and so we’re just praying that her mom comes home from the hospital, and we’re praying that her mom gets to hold her grandson.

Father God, we love you so much, and we thank you for this beautiful day. Lord, we remember that you are the performer of wonders. Lord, we know you are the God of miracles. We lean on our testimonies to remind ourselves of where we’ve been and where we’re going. We lean on the testimony of others to remind ourselves that if we did it for them, you can do it for us. Or today, we pray for all of those who are sick, all of those who are battling something in their bodies today, Lord, we bring up my friend Danielle’s mom, and we ask that you continue to heal her from the inside out. Let her come home to meet her grandson and Lord. We are just standing in unison, knowing that you hear our prayers every single morning, knowing that they do not go in vain, remembering that you are the God of miracles, and remembering that our testimony speaks volumes and that you are the God of wonder. So, Lord, we ask that you step down from heaven and you intervene on all of our behalfs. Today. We love you with absolutely everything. And it is in your son’s holy name that we pray. Amen.

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