March 7, 2022

461. Watermelon Seeds

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Episode 461


Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously.

2 Corinthians 9:6


The reason why I did so is that yesterday, when I went to church, we had a guest speaker, and he was interviewed by my pastor. His name is Dave Martin, and he is an eloquent speaker. 


He’s a Christian life coach, and he had some great things to say, some really good nuggets of wisdom, and one of them stuck with me, which is if you plant a seed in the ground, we’re going to expect to harvest, and that’s something that we all know it’s a principle that we all live by. But more than that, if we were to sow a lemon seed are going to reap a lemon tree. So in the same way, whatever we do, we know we’re gonna reap, so if he said you know if you’re if you feel like you don’t have any friends, well, maybe you’re not friendly. And that kind of got me thinking of the different areas in our lives that we may be reaping or sowing, hoping for a specific harvest. But our seed doesn’t match what we want or the harvest we’re looking for. So what really struck me by that was the idea of a watermelon seed; when I was little, I used to eat watermelons and, you know, as kids, we used to taunt and say if we ate the seeds of a watermelon, a watermelon tree would grow in our stomachs. And that was very simple, right? 


You knew you were eating a watermelon seed, and naturally, your stomach was going to get that seed and produce a watermelon tree or was going to produce watermelon. And so that was an easy concept for us to understand as kids, so I want us to take that very easy concept and that very scary image and apply it to our lives and other areas. So if we take a seed of friendship and lay it into the ground, so if we extend friendship to the people around us or what we’re going to reap is friendship in return. So if you are a person that says you know, I don’t have a lot of friends, we’ll try to go out and be friendly to people. Work me get your morning coffee, whatever it is. I’m not gonna promise that you’re gonna have a best friend tomorrow, someone that you can confide in into life with a what I can promise you is that you’re going to reap a friendly harvest; you’re going to see people in a different light. 


Everything we do can be an act of sowing. So if we want to sow into our health and we start to wake up early and go for a walk, that is sowing a seed of committing to moving our bodies and what we’re going to reap is a healthy heart because if we’re consistent with it, so I just want us today to look at all of the different areas in our lives and look at where we are hoping for wishing for praying for a harvest and then let’s look at the seed that we have sown doesn’t match. 


What we’re asking for doesn’t match the prayers we can’t stop praying. Those are seed our time, our treasure, our talents, what we do those RC match the harvest we’re looking for. You can’t plant a lemon seed and expect a watermelon. You can’t plant a watermelon seed and expect a lemon tree. So look at the seed that you have and see the right seed for the harvest that you’re looking to yield. 



Father God, we’d love you so much, and we thank you for all of the seeds in our lives. Lord, we look around, and we are all looking for a different harvest. We’re looking for different seasons to walk into; we’re looking for different blessings. And Lord, we understand that it is not just given to us, but we have to walk out there and faith. For beyond faith. We have to put action to match our faith, and that is in sowing the proper seed. So, Lord, we look at our lives. We look at the seed that you have given us, and we give it to you. We plant it, we water it, we tend to it, and we are excited for the harvest that’s going to come out of it. We love you with absolutely everything in us, and we thank you for this beautiful Monday. It is in your son’s holy name that we pray. Amen. 

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