March 8, 2022

462. Guiding Light

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Episode 462


He guides the humble in what is right and teaches them his way.

Psalm 25:9


I love to talk about the Holy Spirit. I love to pray about the Holy Spirit. I love to try to connect with him more every single day. Yesterday I was driving home, and I approached a major, major intersection. And usually, I always take off when the light turns green. But this time, there was just a natural hesitation, a natural pause in me letting go of the break. And what happened was that a person on the right-hand side ended up taking the red light, and had I just gone, it could have been a huge accident. Now, what happened at that moment was I truly and honestly felt the Holy Spirit just pause in me right; he held me from just letting go of the break and just flooring it, and I am so thankful for the ways that he moves daily. Sometimes it’s nudging you, it’s holding you, sometimes it’s pushing you into the direction in which you need to go, but I wanted to talk about how he is the guiding light in our lives. 


He guides the humble in which is bright, and that’s a little bit different from what I was talking about earlier. So in my personal life, in that experience, I feel his presence when he nudges me to talk to that person or reframes me from exploding on one person because I may be angry. I’d like to talk about how he works in us and through us when we’re in all different places, whether that’s you know, whatever if our emotions are applied for our emotions are down low. And so, he is our connector to the Divine Source.


He is our lifeline; he is our call line to Jesus and our Father in heaven, and it is a beautiful thing to have him in our life. He is the OneOne who convicts us. He is the OneOne who speaks into us. He is the OneOne who just resides in our hearts. And in our minds, he’s the OneOne who pushes us, etc. So we are to do what is right, but a lot of the time, we can’t even see what situation we’re in because we are constantly disengaged with what is going on around us. So in Matthew 6:22, it says the eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are good, your whole body will be full of light... And what I wanted to hold on to in my morning prayer today was to allow the Holy Spirit the opportunity to be able to look around; I want to stop having my head and my phone. I want to stop having my head in the clouds. I want to stop being distracted. I want to be bored. Because when I’m bored, I’m just looking around. That is when the Holy Spirit gets to see all that’s going on around me, and in that particular moment yesterday, I was not on my phone. Therefore I know that the spirit saw something out in the street that I couldn’t recognize immediately. That spirit saw the car, and he is the reason why I held up. I held off from flooring that I held off from just taking off at the light. It’s because he was able to see and what I’m trying to convey is if we continue to have our heads stuck in our phones, if we continue to have our heads stuck in the clouds if we’re not present, what our eyes were letting in because if our eyes are the lamp of the body and if our eyes are what solidifies if we’re healthy, then that means that we must be giving it healthy things to look at. And so that means being present on a day being present when you’re driving. It means being very intentional about putting your phone down. It means being very intentional about looking around the world, until today. I just hope that we all take care of our eyes. May they be looking at something healthy so that, in return, our bodies would be healthy and full of light. And may we always remember that he guides us in doing what is right he is the OneOne that teaches us his way; he is the OneOne that perfects us and makes us more like Jesus every day. He is our guiding light.



Father God, we love you so much, and we thank you for your guidance. Lord, we thank you for your love. We thank you for the light inside us. Lord, we love the Holy Spirit. We love that we have a relationship with Him. We love that He convicts us and pushes us to be better, or we know he sees all, but we also understand that if we have our heads in our phones if we have our heads in the clouds, he can’t act on our behalf; he needs to be able to see when we need to hold off from stepping off the brake. He needs to see the interactions and the facial expressions and other people so that he can do work in us so that we’re not reactive in our emotions but because we are present in the moment, he can continue to do work and ask the Lord today we give you our eyes may they be the lamp of our body. May we declare Matthew 6:22 all over our life. We absolutely love you with everything in us, and we thank you for today. We pray in Your holy son’s name, Amen

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