March 9, 2022

463. Overcome with Stephanie Alessi Muina

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Episode 463


He guides the humble in what is right and teaches them his way.

Revelation 12:11


That is just one short sentence of its of revelation and then talking about how, as Christians, we overcame the enemy, we overcame the adversary, because of the blood of Jesus Christ and because of the word of our testimony, and that wraps up our entire album overcome for Metro life, worship because it is about encouraging people through joy, to worship, through singing and rejoicing that we’ve overcome and that no matter what we’re facing, no matter battles we’re fighting that God has given us a testimony to fight with. God has also given us His blood to be justified by, which simply means we can walk in joy. We can walk in victory every single day of our lives. And we’ve tried to put that huge message into our worship songs and into this entire album. And because we want our congregation, we want our listeners to be encouraged that they have overcome and that they don’t have to be a victim to any depression, anxiety, to any defeat to any circumstance, but that they are overcomers by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony.


For everybody listening, guys, if you have a testimony, everybody has a testimony. Everybody has gone through something. We talk about it a lot on the show because it’s so important to go back to and hold on to you having a testimony. God has brought you from somewhere, and he takes you somewhere else. And so share that with everybody; hold on to the songs, play them over and over again and remind you that he is for you and he is fighting for you. And your story is impacting someone else. 



Dear God, thank you so much for this opportunity to be able to talk about who we are in you, Jesus, over a podcast. God, I just encourage that every single listener this morning is completely empowered by this Bible verse, that they are overcomers by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony, and that Jesus whenever they faced today, whatever mountain they have to climb, whatever battle they have to find. They will be reminded that they are overcomers who don’t have to walk into feet. They don’t have to walk in shame. They don’t have to work, work, walk and worry or doubt. But God, they can walk in the victory that they can bring joy to their workplace. They can bring joy to their home. They can bring joy to their family, knowing that they are victors and not victims, that they are overcomers God, because you walk with them. I just pray that everybody is reminded today that they are never alone. That Jesus is by their side every second of every day and their car, in traffic at the grocery store at home alone watching TV, that Jesus is with them every single day, helping them guiding them and helping them overcome and in Jesus name we pray, Amen.

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