474. Test The Spirit

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Episode 474


Beloved, do not believe every spirit but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.

1 John 4:1


We are living in a time where there are many opinions; media can be shared at you know, a press of a button we can get information from the other side of the world a lot quicker than we could have many years ago a lot quicker really than we could have. Even 10 years ago. Social media has taken us all by storm. And it’s just very important that everything that we digest so the things that we watch the things that we listen to not just the media but the songs that we listen to and the movies that we watch and the different people we come into contacts with. Let us just be very weary of the Spirit. Let us not believe every Spirit. I think that the enemy has done an easy to operate. 


It’s very easy for him to go into the world. And for us to know when he is at play. From a very secular point right, we’ll listen to a song that’s very secular and will know that that’s not good for us to be listening to on a daily basis. We can see an activity we know that there are things that we don’t do because again we can see the enemy at work in those different atmospheres, and it’s very easy to see that Spirit it’s very easy to not even question it. You know that that Spirit is not a spirit from the Lord. You know, that’s not a holy place. You know that that’s not a holy activity. 


Do you know that those aren’t holy things that those people are doing? You know that you can call those specific atmospheres out for what they are right; you know that the enemy plays in those spheres. Now, what’s even scarier is when the enemy can play, so in the Spirit of the evil, one can be looming in what looks like a very holy place. And so that is what I wanted us to all be very vigilant about. I want us to hold on to this first. So 1 John 4:1, do not believe every spirit but test the spirits to see if they are from God. How do we do that? We look at what the Spirit produces, and it is love. It is gentleness; it is patience. These are the things that we should be looking for in our friends and those that we connect with. Are they people who produce this the fruit of the Spirit, and when you’re looking at more of an organization rather than a person, I would look at that organization and see if that organization produces good fruit, what kind of Spirit are they producing? What kind of place are they coming from? And you know, really assess that really pray about it really be in right standing when you decide to support an organization to listen to the words of that organization and to allow that organization to influence your life and so I don’t have all the answers. I come to the Lord with my prayers every single day. 


Every day in this world, we have something that comes up, and again, I’m not a pastor. I don’t have all the answers but the way I deal with these spirits that are looming is through prayer is, through discernment is through wisdom. It’s through looking at Scripture, and you know, connecting with my pastor personally and rude having those conversations with godly people that I trust in my life. And so, let us be very weary of the Spirit that looms, let us be very wary of the Spirit that claims to be holy and isn’t, and let us be very, very vigilant on you know, allowing the right word voices to influence our lives. 



Father God, we thank you for this beautiful Thursday. And we asked for the strength in deciphering what is a spirit from you, Lord, or what is the spirit from the world, Lord, every single day we have many different voices that flood our minds, whether that’s through social media, through the media itself, whether that’s through people around us through organizations that we are a part of through organizations that we support, Lord. Today we’re just looking for your voice. We want to see where you are at work. We want to see your Spirit at work. And Lord, that’s where we want to be gravitated towards. So let us be very vigilant today. Let us test the spirits that we see if it is not a sphere from your Lord. Help us in turning away from that help us in releasing that help us and understanding that that’s not the will that you have for us. And Lord, we thank You. We thank you in advance for doing that with us and for us. And we ask that you bless us today as we prepare our hearts to be extra vigilant. We love you so much. And we pray this all in your son’s holy name. Amen.

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