March 28, 2022

476. Follow The Example

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Episode 476


I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you.

John 13:15


The chapter starts with him acknowledging that he understood it was just about time for him to return to heaven with our father. And he takes some time to wash his disciples’ feet, and he talks to Peter. He explains to him that he is doing so because he is first and foremost someone who serves us, and it is such a delight knowing that we have a relationship with a father who serves us, and we get to serve the people around us because he did so first. 


This past weekend I did a DIY project. I created this fox tree for my home, and in order to do so, I had to literally saw a piece of bark from a tree outside, and then I placed it inside of cement, and then I glued fake leaves onto the tree so that it would look nice. And I did that and what I did was follow a YouTube video that I found, so I actually saw this on YouTube, and then I watched that video a couple of different times, and then I executed it, and they came out perfect. It looks amazing. I saved myself close to $1,000 because I don’t know what it is, but fake trees cost almost $1,000, so it looks nice. And I am so happy that I found that video. And I was able to follow the example that the Creator outlined for us, and so that is just a tangible visual representation of what happens when we follow the example that is set before us. And my tree and the tree of the YouTube video are completely different. My Park was different. The leaves that I chose were different, but the outcome was very similar. And so, I think that as humans, we will never be the perfection of Christ. It is not going to happen. 


We are flawed in every mark. We are never going to be the profession of Jesus. We’re not that, and he came down from heaven as 100% Man and 100% God, so he understands our struggles as human beings. He understands our temptation. He understands the, you know, we grieve. He understands that we mourn. He understands that we fall short of perfection, but he was perfect. So he lived the perfect life as in this life and then died for us. And we’re going to dive into that story a little more in the next two weeks. But I just wanted to hold on to the fact that we may not have the same outcome, or we serve the people around us because we’re flawed. We might even hurt the people around us accidentally. But when we set out to be as close to Jesus as possible and we follow the example, the outcome is going to be very similar. We are going to be able to bless others because he was first a blessing to us, and so I want us to go into the world today and try to just be a blessing. 


Let us look to the people that he has brought into our lives and let us follow the example, and let us wash the feet of those that come into contact with us.



Father God, we love you so much, and we thank you for this Monday, or do we know that we will never be as perfect or nearly as perfect as you were? We will never reach that state, and that is 100%, Okay, but we look to you for the example, and we follow the example. So, Lord, we know that the outcomes will never be the same anything can amount to your professional Lord, and we don’t want to, but we want to look to you, and we want to be more like you every single day so help us in doing so help us washing the feet of those around us help us and be a blessing to others help us in serving the first floor because you first served us you first loved us you first were a blessing to us. Therefore, we can serve and love and be a blessing to others. So we thank you for the opportunity to do so. We thank you for the love that you show us. We pray this all in your holy name. Amen.

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